Catchy Lawn Care Names & Lawn Care Slogans

I’m Andrew Pototschnik, Founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert. Welcome to the website. Here I have a ton of free educational information that tells you how exactly to market your lawn care and landscaping business.

Something that a lot of people ask me for ideas on is catchy lawn care names and slogans for their lawn mowing business. You know what, that’s important. A good name is important. A good lawn care slogan is important, something that people can remember and when they see you in your truck it’s all very important, but it’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is you have to market your lawn care and landscaping business in a correct way. That’s what we do here at Lawn Care Marketing Expert. We help businesses grow from $30,000 a year to over a million a year. We’ve been doing it for many, many years, and we’ve developed specific formulas that we use, that we’ve tested over and over throughout the years and modified over time that bring you the highest return on your marketing investment when it comes to online marketing and even off-line marketing. If you’re one of our larger clients, we do that for you as well.

So when you choosing a lawn care name, it’s very important, but just keep in mind, focus on your marketing. Your marketing is going to be very important. A good name is important, but marketing is more important. How you sell yourself, how you position yourself in the market are all very important things. I

If you’re just getting started and you’re choosing a name, something that I would recommend is you should, at least, get started. After you’ve decided on a name, at least, get started with a small basic website for your lawn care or landscaping business. Here at Lawn Care Marketing Expert, we do custom lawn care websites for our clients, but if you’re just getting started out you might not have a big budget. You might have just spent all your money on your lawn care equipment, but so there’s other alternatives that you can choose.

Go Daddy, they sell really basic website templates. I’m not a big fan of those, but there are a number of different sites where you can get hosting relatively cheaply. Service Autopilot would be an excellent example if you are managing your lawn care and landscaping business. You might need some lawn care software to manage your business and all of your clients and your crews, your mapping. Integration with Quick Books, all that stuff, Service Autopilot does that. You might want to check that out

Also, one of the great things about Service Autopilot is they offer a very low cost website, and that is a great place to start. The team over there will actually set you up with a website and it’s a good starting place. If you don’t have a website it’s better to go this route and have something than nothing. So you might want to check that out. You’re going to need lawn care software anyway so that’s a good place to start if you need a website. When you grow a little bit and have a little bit bigger budget, you might be ready for a custom designed lawn care website. That’s something that we can certainly help you with here at Lawn Care Marketing Expert.

Here’s a little advice if you are searching for a catchy lawn care name or a slogan. I would recommend that you do your marketing in this fashion when it comes to the online marketing. The off-line marketing stuff I’m going to save that for another video. You should already be doing that. Typically, new lawn care businesses, they start with off-line marketing which would be fliers, mailers, door hangers and those different things.

So if you want to get started in online marketing, what I would recommend to you is start off with a really basic website template, Service Autopilot is a great place for that, and then hire a company that can do really high quality local listings for your lawn care or landscaping business. And basically, local listings are listings of your business in directories and different search engines that people use to find your business. For example, Google Places, City Search, Yellow, Bing local. These are all examples of what we call local listings.

Something that we do here as well is that we offer a very basic… This is sort of our intro package. It’s especially good for companies just getting started. That gets you listed in the 50 to 60 most critical local listing sites for your lawn care or landscaping business within your geographic area. Besides that we get you listed in… If you’re based in Oklahoma versus the sites that we get our clients listed in based in Vancouver, they’re completely different. It’s really based on your geography, and you really need a company that knows what sites those are and how to optimize them so that they are found, and keeps your listings up-to-date.

Google makes a lot of changes. They’re making some massive changes to Google local right now, and we manage all of that for our clients. That would be the first place to start. That’s a relatively cheap package. Pretty much anybody can afford that, and then step up from there. Your next step up is you want to do search engine optimization, and I’m sure you’ve probably heard this term. It’s a big buzzword and unfortunately you will soon find as soon as you establish your company name, and you decide on your slogan, people are going to start calling, and not just customers. Other businesses are going to start calling, and oftentimes is going to be shady and unethical search engine optimization companies, or people reselling Google ads or these different things that you hear about online.

Be very careful who you choose. You really need to do your research before you choose somebody. There’s a lot a help online and there’s a lot I help on this website actually. If you watch some of these videos, I tell you some of the horror stories of choosing the wrong SEO company and different things to look for. Also, if you want to send me an email,, I will send you our free guide on, “How to Choose an SEO Company without Getting Ripped Off.” That’s actually the title of the book, because this is a major topic. You can easily burn through a lot of money if you choose the wrong company, so just keep that in mind.

Before you choose an SEO company, really do your research. Get a little bit of education to understand what search engine optimization can and can’t do for you, and what it is. Read through the manual that I will send you if you send me an email. It’s a great resource, it’s a great place to start and it actually gives you questions that you should actually ask any company that you are considering doing online marketing for you. Along that same vein, the reason I created that book that I’ll send you is because a large number of the clients that we get here, and we’re serving clients in the U. S., Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

We’re not the first marketing agency that they’ve used before. Oftentimes, we’re number two or number three of them trying something, of them trying to figure out what they should be doing online. They’ve been unhappy with the last two companies that they have used, or they have made a mistake or they thought they were buying SEO, but instead they were buying Google Ad Words from a shady company that wasn’t really being honest with what they were selling. So just keep that in mind. That is really the reason why I wrote the book. Shoot me an email, I’ll be happy to share that with you.

So just to recap where we’re at so far. If you’re just getting started, set up a really basic cheap website at Service Autopilot. I think it will cost you 20 to 25 bucks a month. I don’t know, I don’t work for them, give them a call. I think there’s a link down over here on the side of the website. So start with that. That would get you an address online.

Next start with some local listings and if you need help with that I can give you help, or you can find another company that will do it for you. Again, just make sure you ask them the 20 questions that I outlined in my book, and that will get you listed in Google local, Bing, all that stuff. Next after you’ve gotten a return on your investment from setting up your website and your local listings, you should be getting leads if they’re done correctly. You should be getting leads now from your website and your local listings.

Now you can funnel that money back into your website and do what we call search engine optimization. Again, all of your marketing plans should pay for themselves and build on each other. Slowly you’re growing your marketing budget and growing the amount of marketing that you are doing, and it’s paying for itself as you grow. We’re big here at Lawn Care Marketing Expert, but we are a big proponent of watching your numbers, tracking your leads and keeping a sharp focus on your ROI, your return on investment. Because if your marketing isn’t making you any money, then you’re losing money, then what the hell are you doing it for?

It’s exactly the same as if you’re doing flyers on the street. Well, if you put out 3000 flyers and you got one call and it was a one time no, it wasn’t even a regular service, then you probably lost money on your off-line marketing. So here we keep a really sharp focus on your return on investment, and your marketing should pay for itself, so keep that in mind.

After you’ve done the SEO, you might want to look into pay per click advertising. This would be called Google Ad Words or Bing has something similar. These are simply the ads that you see at the top and the sides of the search engine results page. When somebody searches for lawn care and city name, whatever, you’re going to see these ads at the top of the listings and on the side. These are paid ads, and businesses pay per click PPC to have that position. Oftentimes, they’re paying three to five bucks a click, and those ads that actually take you to their website which would actually have the sales pitch and all that other information as well. So PPC, that might be the third route you want to go.

And then, after that you’ve got a good monthly marketing budget going that’s rolling and it’s paying for itself. So the next thing that you might want to step into as you grow, your company is growing at the same pace as your marketing, it’s expanding at the same time, so the next thing you might want to look into is doing some email marketing. Email marketing is kind of similar to social media in some ways. That’s a big buzzword. A lot of people mentioned social media, Facebook, Twitter, all these different sites, Google plus, Foursquare. That’s all social media but there has to be a purpose behind why you use anything. You don’t use something, you don’t use social media you don’t use email marketing and unless there’s a purpose.

The strategy you really want to take behind your email marketing and your social media campaigns, again, these are a bit more advanced. These are things that you do when you are a little bit bigger. Though if you’re a small company, I would still recommend that you’re sending. at least. one email newsletter to all your clients each month with some sort of promotion or upsell or something. And that is really how we treat email marketing and social media here at Lawn Care Marketing Expert when we run those campaigns for our clients. We really treat that as an avenue to upsell your existing client base and with social media you can do some stuff to grow and get some new clients, through those social media platforms.

But it’s really about communicating with your existing client base. Building your reputation with them, servicing their needs, any complaints that they have. Anything that they have that needs addressing, you can do that through email marketing and social media. Again, like I mentioned, the number one reason is you want to upsell the services that they are not using already.

They’re probably lawn care clients, weekly or biweekly clients, but they’re not doing some of your other services. They’re not doing your fertilization. They’re not doing some these other things that you offer; the mulching, your chemical treatments, different things like that. Oftentimes, it’s because they don’t know that you offer those services, or they don’t know that they need them.

So email marketing and social media are a great way to educate your existing client base and upsell them, and they can be very powerful. Again, your email marketing and your social media campaigns should pay for themselves in the amount of clients and services that you’re able to get them to buy each month. So that’s the strategy I would take, and it gets more advanced from there.

Just to recap, after you’ve chosen your lawn care name and your slogan, start out with a really basic website template. Service Autopilot is a great place to start. Move onto local listings. We can give you a hand with that if you need. Search engine optimization of your website is very important. Then I would move into pay per click advertising, next email marketing and after that social media. From there, you can get really crazy with multiple websites and different things like that. For some of our multi million-dollar clients, we are managing well over 20 websites for them. So really the sky is the limit here. You can really dominate your markets and dominate every city that you’re in, but just keep an eye on your ROI. Your marketing should pay for itself. I’ll just leave it at that.

So good luck choosing your lawn mowing name, or your catchy lawn care business slogan, and if you ever need any help growing your business over a million dollars, and especially when it comes to online marketing or anything else, please give me or my staff a call. You can reach us at 786-309-7898, and don’t forget email me at info@, and I will send you a free copy of, “How to Choose an SEO Company Without Getting Ripped Off.” It’s very important. You should read it. It will save you a lot of money. You do not want to get burnt like some of our past clients have with other shady SEO and unethical companies out there. So give me an email, give us a call, we’re here to help. Good luck choosing a name and a slogan and we wish you success in business. Thanks. Take care.

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