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How to Get Customers for Lawn Care Business – Follow Up With Prospects

Your prospects have busy lives and we can’t read their minds. We don’t know if the woman of the house has been pestering her husband for a month to take care of the lawn, we don’t know if they are considering a switch from Joe’s Mowing & Blowing.

But just because they didn’t buy today, doesn’t mean they wont buy in the next few weeks or months. AND THAT’S WHY… We must follow up with our prospects


Since you want to know how to get customers for lawn care business… Our clients that implement our lead follow up program, increase their close rate between 15-25% on average. That’s 25% of clients that didn’t sign up immediately, signed up later. Do the math on that. That is easy money just sitting there for you to pick up, if you add just one extra system to your sales process.

So we have to be the lawn care company that stays on the top of their mind until they are ready to buy.

These are warm leads. THEY CONTACTED US. It takes a lot of effort for a prospect to get on the phone or request more info. So they are a lot closer to a sale.

If we continue to follow up and build a relationship – we can get those sales a whole lot easier than sending out another direct mail campaign to people who have never heard of us.

Now some of you out there might say that you don’t want to pester the prospect, or that your giving a hard sell to prospects by following up. I completely disagree.

That’s a passive attitude, stop being afraid that you are going to bother someone.

Your attitude and how you speak to a prospect dictates if you are being pushy or not. Following up, on the other hand, shows the prospect just how important their business is to your company.

This is something that few companies do and it will help set you apart from the pack.

So start following up. Since you just started logging all calls you now have their phone number, their name, their address, their email . 3 ways to contact them.
Think about ways that you can market to them. To build a personal relationship.
Maybe send them a special mailer. Maybe give them a second chance offer. Maybe send them an e-mail every few weeks. Maybe market to them in another month.
If they had objections, maybe call them a day or two later and say, “Hey, have you found a company to take care of your property this season? If not, I’d like to give you a second chance. We’d still like to work with you and here is why,” and then lay out the case of why they should hire you.

You need to do something to show them that you’re interested in having their business. That your different and better than the rest.

The other thing that you should be doing when a lead calls and you can’t estimate over the phone is to set a specific time and date to follow up with them.
set a specific time to go and look at their property and give them an estimate, to speak to the woman of the house, or whoever is on the property that you’re going to be speaking to.
If you set an appointment or a specific time and date to follow up with them, this will keep them from continuing their search for a competitor because they’re going to be waiting to hear back from you on your estimate if you went out to look at their property. They’re going to be waiting on you to make their decision.

So now that we are close sales at a very high rate, we need to reduce churn and we can do that by..

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