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How to Get More Lawn Customers – Answer Why Should They Buy

Why should someone buy from you versus everyone else in your market?

Most companies never give this any thought, they just cut grass. But we must define it and stand for it. Because if we don’t know what it is. Then our potential customers don’t know either.


I spoke about this topic at length during my talk at GIE this year and it really is the very core of what marketing is all about.

And the question is?

Why should someone buy from you instead of everyone else in your market?
The better your answer is to this question, the higher price you can charge and the easier it will be to close sales.
This is the secret to not competing on price. Get really good at answering this question.

And the answer to this question comes in how you look, what you say and what you do.
That means website, truck branding, text on your direct mail pieces, how your crews act on the job, and even how you answer the phone.

everything that is visible to a prospect defines your company and affects their decision to buy.

If this isn’t evident to a prospect in how you look, sound, act, then you need to do a better job in your marketing message.
If you can’t define this your staff certainly doesn’t know either.
If you can’t define this your prospects view you as a commodity service provider. Because you appear to be the same a joe bob down the street.

If you ever browse any of the lawn care forums online you see company after company belly aching about how life is so unfair. The guy down the street is undercutting my prices. Boo hoo.

It has less to do with price than it does your marketing message.

Their marketing message sucks and they have done a lousy job defining exactly why a consumer should pay more to use them than Joe from Joe’s Mow & Blow down the street.

Your consumers don’t care about a $5 or even $10 difference in price. They spend that much as Starbucks everyday.

But why should they spend more on you when you look the same, sound the same and appear to be the same as Joe Bob down the street with a single truck cutting grass to get beer money for the weekend.

When you look the same, sound the same and act the same as everyone else, the only remaining difference a prospect can see is your price.

Why would they pay more, when all of their choice appear to be the same.

Its up to you, to show them that you are different. Its up to you to show them That they will get more than they pay for when they choose you.

How to Get More Lawn Customers

Marketing is all about highlighting the differences that matter to consumers. It’s in these differences that we can charge premium prices.

So your marketing message. The text on your website, what you say on the phone and what you print on your postcards needs to define exactly

Why should someone buy from you versus anyone else in the market.

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

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