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Is There Too Much Competition To Start a Lawn Care Business? – Lawn Care Millionaire

Lawn Care Millionaire answered the question “Is There Too Much Competition To Start a Lawn Care Business? In another video and I want quickly wanted to expand on this question a bit. because is brings up something that I think happens more than it should.


Lawntreprenuers starting a business in a market just because you were born there or live there now. That’s not the best reason to choose a location for any business. Instead, choose a market based on it’s potential.

Watch the original Lawn Care Millionaire video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTo884pQ-cw

If your entire market only has 20000 residents. And you are not nearby a larger market you can move into down the road… Then there is a very small celling on how much revenue your company can ever generate.

Think about.

When you see big companies move into new markets. Are they setting up shop in tiny towns first or areas with the maximum # of potential clients?

Is In & Out Burger going to open up first in a big market that has a radius customer base of 200,000 and 50 competitors Or are they going to open up in a tiny town with 2000 people and no competitors?

They are going to open up in the bigger market and they are going win or lose based on their unique selling point… Their marketing message… Which is fresh ingredients, made fresh with a bit healthier appeal than the other burger guys.

So this is kind of the wrong question to ask. The question to ask should be what can I make my unique sales advantage in this market? How can I be different than everyone else? What can I deliver that they don’t, won’t or can’t.

Smart entrepreneurs go to where their customers are. Competition is a good thing. It is the sign of a healthy market with a need. With paying customers.

You just have to play smarter, market smarter, innovate more and be different.

Being small can be marketed as an advantage.

Remember, many consumers assume big businesses wont give them the attention they want or the service they pay for. This can be your market advantage when you’re a small player in a big market.

Personalized, proactive, detailed service the big boys cant deliver.

My favorite example of this an old Avis Car Rental advertising tagline from 1962.

At that time, the leading car rental company was Hertz….

Hertz was #1

So what did Avis do… they made this their competitive advantage and their sales exploded… so guess what the famous tagline was?

“When you’re only No. 2, you try harder. Or else.”
Do you?

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