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What Lawn Care Millionaires Are Doing Right Now

What are the most successful lawn care millionaire business owners doing this time of year?

They are planning, they are preparing, they are moving full speed ahead… They aren’t waiting until the last few days before spring to get moving.

So if you are ready to get serious about marketing your lawn care business this season give us a call today at 786-309-7898

Whatever you do get moving now. Procrastination is a lawntreprenuers worst enemy.


The first thing they should be doing is Improving their websites from last year.

Remember, this is your number one salesman… and just like a salesman it should be getting better every year.
    All of your marketing on and offline is sending potential customers here… So if you haven’t put any effort into your website or it looks unprofessional your costing your business money.
    At LCME The websites we design Focus on converting visitors to customers. After all the only reason we have websites in the first place is to get New customers.
So if you’re using A generic template used by hundreds of businesses or one of those cheapo freebie websites you’re costing your business money in the long run.

So it’s absolutely imperative that at this time of year your improving or redesigning your websites to convert as many visitors to customers as possible and adding and updating content that builds credibility and trust.

In fact you should be adding new content on a regular basis throughout the year. This will help with search engine optimization as well.
Speaking of search optimization

Your SEO program should absolutely be running full steam ahead right now. Because if you haven’t started yet you will have a hard time achieving great rankings before season kicks in. Your website needs to be ranking high for the most frequently searched phrases.

Depending on your market there are probably 25 or more different phrases you should be ranking for in every city that you’re in.

If you aren’t you are giving your business away to your competitors who are.

Remember who links to your website and exactly how they link to your website is the number one factor in how well you rank within Google. In fact, it accounts for 75 to 80% of high your website shows up on the search results page.

None of our competitors include this in their programs which is why they can charge 300 bucks a month NY their clients don’t see results

So If you’re not a client ours your SEO program probably doesn’t contain an effective link building strategy. And if it doesn’t I wouldn’t expect to be ranking for the keyphrases your potential customers are actually searching for.

And I urge you to not drag your feet on this any longer. SEO is not instantaneous. So if you haven’t started seo yet, you probably wont have the best rankings come season start.
And the higher you rank the more money in your pocket. Its that simple.

I would also get the wheels turning for a supplemental paper click campaign as well. Combining paper click advertising or Google ad words with a robust search engine optimization strategy is one the most effective things that you can do online.

Next you should also be preparing offline marketing.
    That means improving your door hangers & direct mail pieces from last year and printing everything in advance so it’s ready.
You should not be using the same exact pieces as last year. You should be improving them based on the response rate you got last year…. Your goal should be to get a higher response then last season. That means, higher percentage of leads call and close from your door hanger or direct mail piece than last year.

But the only way you can do that is if you’ve been tracking your marketing religiously Over the past 12 months as we recommend you do.

In fact, I recommend you run two different print pieces at the same time and have them compete for the higher response rate.

If you want a shortcut in developing a high converting print piece our door hanger system created in partnership with Lawn Care Millionaire and Service Autopilot. Is available for purchase.
You should also be Nurturing your clients via email and phone calls… warming up those relationships again in preparation for the first day of the season.
remember I mentioned this in a previous video.

the longer we go without communicating with our clients the colder the relationship becomes, and when the relationship is cold, we risk losing them and it becomes harder to sell to them… so give them a personal phone call thank them for their business this season ask them if there is anything you can do to improve for this coming season. Their feedback is indispensable.

Next Implement phone standards. It is completely Shocking to me how few companies put any effort into how they handle sales calls.
If you’re spending money to make your phone ring shouldn’t you be doing whatever it takes to close the sales?

It starts with Answering your phone live everytime someone calls and not letting calls go to voicemail. 70% of callers are not leaving a voicemail. They are calling your competitors.

You should also train your phone staff to SELL. they have a direct impact on your sales, so if all they are doing is quoting a price… they are costing you cold hard cash. That means, they need a phone script to work from and it should improve with time.

They are also responsible for tracking every single phone call that comes into your business. They must ask how they heard about you.

If they don’t rigorously track every the single phone call how a prospect heard about you, the call outcome and the objections to a sale, then you have no idea what marketing is working and you can’t improve your sales process.
And finally Lawn Care Millionaires are also planning their lead follow up strategy.
Many of your leads will not become clients the first time they call. So You need to develop a  strategy that increases your close rate. You do this by following up in a very specific way.
If you want a shortcut in developing a your own lead follow up strategy our system developed in partnership with Lawn Care Millionaire and Service Autopilot is now available. It increases our clients close rates by 25% on average.

So if you are ready to get serious about marketing your lawn care business this season give us a call today at 786-309-7898

Whatever you do get moving now. Procrastination is a lawntreprenuers worst enemy.

Now get to it!

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

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