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Should I Use QR Codes to Market My Lawn Care or Landscaping Business?

“Anyone using QR codes in their Lawn Care Marketing strategy?”

Louise, the question I would ask is “Are any of my friends and family scanning QR codes on a regular basis?”

If they aren’t – neither are your customers.

In order for someone to use a QR code they need an Android smart phone or to download a special app for their iPhone.

Capturing a QR Code

Capturing a QR Code

I am willing to wager that the majority of those that have an Android smart phone don’t know what a QR is or how to use a QR code on their device.

I personally don’t know anyone that has used a QR code more than once to see how it works.

A short “easy to remember” URL is more effective.

A simple “305Lawns.com” or “GetGreener.com” that redirects to your main branded site or special offer page is something ANYONE can use AND remember when they see your truck drive by.

And I think we can all agree that the goal of any marketing we do is to get the largest response possible.

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