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Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes For a Lawn Care Business

Alright so let’s talk about a bit about the why not just do like the top five online marketing mistakes that you have seen that people do in, I have more than five but we will just touch on five of them probably the most common reasons why people fail when trying to do their marketing themselves.

Okay I would say probably number one is, it is like you are, it is as though that they can completely buy in and what they are going to do, they are not going to give a hundred and ten percent so they are not fully committed to it so they think they want to try online marketing. They want to do pay per click, they want to do SEO but they kind of dip their toe in the water and then when things don’t go great or they don’t make a ton of money real fast or it, whatever happens, it is not as good as they are expecting then they say oh this doesn’t work and then they don’t do it anymore. A lot of people are expecting these instant results.

Like what do you normally see in SEO, like how long do normally take and get good rankings for a website.

Well, again that is always going to depend on how competitive your market is. what search phrases you are targeting and I will obviously know a number of other factors as well as a lot of people don’t know this, the age of your domain name matters. How new your website is matters. If you just create a new website and bought a brand new domain, you have been online for two weeks, it is going to take you at least three months to get a decent ranking and start to get a, get some foot hold. So this is why I always stress with people who are trying to with themselves, start early, start immediately. These things take time. Nothing is instantaneous. You make little tweets to your websites, it is going to take weeks to show up in most case so start soon

That is good. You know something else I will add is, you know, unless you are building your company, you are selling it next to your, I mean the way I look at my business is probably we are in this for long and building something good something great that is going to be around for a long time and so I am want to learn about these topics and I know, not something I have been, but some of the smartest guys in marketing they always say you know the one thing you don’t delegate somebody else is your marketing and what, not that you don’t have other people do that but what I mean is, you need to be smart about your marketing, you don’t want to just hire somebody and let them just run * know enough to make sure they are doing it right. So this is kind of maybe number two is a lot of guys that whether they can do it themselves or hire somebody they never invest enough to learn anything about what they are doing or anything about SEO they don’t even learn the basic terms, they don’t anything about pay per click, they don’t know enough to make wise decisions and so that is why I said and mean, if you are building a company you are probably in this for * also invest effort and learn about the stuff, do some reading, it will save you so much money, whether you do it yourself or hire somebody.

Being at least basic level educated in what your, even if you are hiring like you said even if you are hiring somebody to head all your online marketing for you. there is a basic of education that you need to know


And it is even more true if you are trying to do it yourself.


If you are not, if you haven’t really done your research, if you don’t fully understand what you are doing or what you need to do, if you don’t have a solid game plan and know exactly what you need to do and what results you should expect from these different techniques that we use, it is really impossible for you to give a hundred and ten percent at the first place because you don’t have clear directions and you don’t really know exactly what is going to work, what is not going to work and you are just kind of, you are just kind of fumble around until you get burnt out so you really need to educated yourself to what you have to do get the results that you want

And technology is changing so fast right now so what works in SEO today who knows what will be in six months, what works in pay per click, it is going to evolve as well, maybe a little slower than SEO but is also going to evolve so unless you are * you might a base level of knowledge now that will do some stuff, if you are not on top of that every single month you are going to get left behind

Very true

Quickly you will get left behind

 very true and along with that I mean you just mentioned how quickly things are changing you know, you know as I have mentioned before march 2011 Google local listings really came on in full force, that really changed the SEO business for agencies like mines for all the pros who are doing this for a living. It really, we all, the serious ones, we all had a step back in reorganize our plans and adjust our techniques to the major changes that Google made and that also goes back to, we also mentioned, you know as quickly as technology is changing there is always new things coming out right.

Twitter, Facebook, all that in the newer stuff, exogram

Exactly right there is always some hot  new thing, there is always some hot new buzz word, people always want to talk about it loud


They are moving their business in the cloud whatever, it is the internet, it has been around for years. It just has a new buzz word


Same with online marketing there is always going to be some hot new thing four square, Facebook, Twitter, that is all fine and good, you should look at each, each and every one of these technologies and keep an update on it and do some research and find out what they can do for your business but don’t jump on it just because it is a hot new buzz word and everybody else is doing it. Now really think about if you are going to get a true return on your investment, are you going to be dedicating hours and hours to your Facebook place page every week, every month,


How much, how much is that worth, how much is your time worth an hour, is it worth a time focusing all that effort on social media, how many clients you are really getting through your Facebook page

It is good

How many clients are you getting through your Twitter page, you really need to keep these things in mind when you are running your own business in and at the same spreading yourself in to trying to get your marketing as well, you really need to focus on the most important things first

That is not one* yeah and when you are working with an agency I mean, agencies are trying to sell  more work, I mean not knocking you, like everybody is trying to sell work and so they need to be educated enough to know what do we want to focus on as a company, what are our strengths because you might not,* somebody might say well you need to do pay per click and SEO and Facebook and all, you might * but where do you really when you are hiring a company and spending the money with, you want to kind of have a feel for knowing where you want to spend the majority of your money


Like I will give you the example, like I like to give this example to one of the companies I own is a lawn care company and we do SEO, dappled and Facebook and we have done some other stuff just with the pay per click, we have done all kinds of stuff, print, just with our SEO stuff. We sell over a, this last year, this current year I am in right now its September, we have sold over thousand new clients. Our clients are worth a lot of money to us every year, they stay with us for over four years at least, we are selling well into the seven figures per year just on SEO and in just a few cities. Now, imagine if I said, oh wow this Facebook, I am not knocking Facebook

No certainly not

But imagine if I said oh my gosh this is Facebook day, everybody is talking about. nobody talks about SEO anymore and so I am going Facebook. Do you think that in just a couple cities that I could sell over a thousand customers a year on Facebook

Definitely not

There is no way, not even close so that doesn’t mean I would ignore Facebook. I give it a little of money, I test it you know I don’t know where it is going. I spend some money on it, it brings in some customers but that is about allocation, it is the same thing you just said, what is your highest potential to sell, spend most of your money there and dapple on a few other things and it is not only how you spend your money but also what you learn. You know you can’t afford to learn Facebook and twitter and you can’t afford to be an expert at all of them and even a company you hire, you guys can’t be an expert in every single thing. You have probably pretty good at a lot of stuff but really good at certain things. Like I know you guys are incredible in SEO and you are good at a bunch of other stuff would you say that is true like nobody can be, *

Fortunately we can hire the people* yes that is exactly right but so think about yourself, I mean unless you have a team at your office of experts of Twitter and Facebook and SEO and pay per click, you can never afford to do it.

So it is impossible for them

You can afford to hire a full time  who all they do is twitter post, * and post on Facebook and get more visitors and likes and everything else

Good yeah so education, money spend, allocation of time, you know got to go all in. I mean these are big, you have got to be a hundred and ten percent committed and you just can’t dapple it and say oh that didn’t work because you didn’t learn enough and then throw in the path


Yeah alright so what else, oh you know, I know a good one, this is a good one, you, I remember you were telling me recently about one of your clients that tried to, they were so busy, they tried to keep managing part of it, you are managing part of it and it was a disaster, what was that about?

Yeah we had, well, we, we want as a company my goal is to help as many mostly small businesses help have as many companies as possible really take advantage of marketing online and something that I, that I do as a company, some of the bigger SEO agencies don’t do is those guys usually completely disregard sort of the lower budget clients that is something that we don’t like to do. that is something that I don’t want to do I think everybody regardless the size of their company, I really like to see small business owners who are really aggressive, who are serious about their business, who love their business, they might not have a you know several thousand dollar budget but there is something about them that they are aggressive, they are serious about what they do and they want to succeed in their marketing.

All the big businesses were once small businesses and small businesses do this stuff to become the big ones

Yeah exactly

Those are fun guys

Exactly right, I really appreciate those people


You know I like to work with those kinds of people. We have a symbiotic relationship you know, they help my business, I like to help their business so I don’t like to turn away clients just because they are just starting out and they have a low budget. We are trying to work with our clients and one of the example that you are inching was a client who was a small budget client

But a very successful client

Very successful


But he didn’t want to put forward the entire budget that we recommended. We wanted to handle every aspect of his campaign but and the client wanted to read all the news archive copy writers. They want to save some money and write all the copy themselves. They also wanted to develop their own videos. They wanted to do a number of different things and I never recommend that, that we are taking on a loop like that but the client really wanted to do it and I am going to, death* do what my clients like and so we let the client go. We told him exactly what we need from him to deliver to us and at least a good three plus months went by and he never delivered anything and we basically kind of, that was a three months, good three months there that we needed content and video and during that period, time period we can use that to be building his rankings and it is something we can deliver but because he is a small  business owner and he is so spread out in his business, he couldn’t deliver the things that we needed and unfortunately at the end of the three months after he couldn’t deliver he came back to us and and then spending the money for us to develop the content stuff so at the end of the day he saw the value in us actually handling every aspect of his online marketing you know, whereas initially he wanted to cut us off from trying to do it all himself and it just didn’t work out

So I think there is two take aways from that whether you are going to do that stuff yourself or you are going to look for an agency to help you. I think it is being realistic about what amount and time you are going to have to budget, what employees you are going to have get involved because if you go into and you know half way and you don’t look at the time you are never going to be successful. Even if you are doing it on your own and then if you are outsourcing it to somebody else then you are going to still handle part of it, if you are not realistic about this and then most companies aren’t I mean just because it is a learning spring when you start doing this stuff, you know, it just all fall, it just doesn’t go like it should, you don’t get the fast results. * and it just massively extend it

And again I can’t stress the importance of you know, as a small business owner, you are handling so many different aspects of your business, paying your employees, handling your, trying to handle your marketing yourself, trying to do sales yourself, a lot of things can fall for you cracks that is why it is beneficial to have an online marketing agency work


Their entire focus is on your business and getting you leads and getting you ranked and getting you new business and that is all that they do ever razor sharp focus that is what they do. they are not worried about your employees, they are not worried about all the things that you have to do today in your business, all they care about is online marketing and getting you any business. I will give you now, I will give you many examples, I can give you another example of a gentleman that came to us and he had, he had quite a bit, we had significant success managing, we are managing probably about eight websites, two major websites for two different services that he offered and then I think it was about six other mini niche marketing websites that we were handling. All of them were doing great. He wanted for whatever reason he wanted to discontinue using our services and try to manage stuff himself. I think he hired a college student or something to manage these websites and he tried to the things that we are doing for him. Well long story short, we, even after he left us, he left on good terms, even though we disagree with his decision and we continue to track, monitor the ranking of his website, the eight different websites, we had already developed the key phrase research and the game plan that we have been using for  a number of years and after probably about three months after he left us, one of his websites started to really, this is a major website. It was getting at least half of his leads, it started to dip in the rankings and we noticed that dipping and we saw a dip, we didn’t really follow up and doing the analysis to see why it was falling.* he is not a client but we were tracking it for a little bit to see if what they were doing in house you know was improving


If they having any success, well, that continued, the website continued to slid and eventually it was no longer in Google’s index and I was curious as to why and so I actually pull up the website one day and there was a giant notice on the website. This website has been deleted, * two three months so because he had some college kid managing his web property, one of his most important web properties, this was getting fifty percent of his leads from the web but he wanted to make one dime and had a college kid manage all of his web properties. It went offline, they had no back up. they had no way to recover any of that, they lost all of their rankings. This is the two years of work that we did for the client, they lost all of their ranking and they were no longer able to get leads from that property so this is why I stress the importance of having a company that is dedicated to doing nothing but managing your website, your online marketing, your leads, I can’t stress that enough.

And I think that is another great lesson if you do it yourself, you better have your ducks in a row, have everything organized, stand at the top of your * you really got to, if you are so busy which is running the business and keeping up and you let a few of these thins slip, it is disastrous.

Yup So even go in with open eyes, have a plan, be realistic about it, learn enough so that you know what is involved. If you are going to manage it yourself, you know what you are doing, if not, then you know outsource it somebody.

Okay let’s talk about budgets. We kind of, we talked about it little bit but having the right budget is a pretty big deal and you know selling terms of like what you are going to spend on back links if you are doing SEO pay per click, not that you have to do any budget numbers but let me because I mean I think everybody assume if you are going to hire an agency you go out of budget


But if you do it yourself you got to have a realistic budget. Let me say because I think I * our own SEO, we just you know, we have recently turned it over to you guys but least to do our own stuff because I know something about it. But it worked really well but for us it still costs us money it is not like it costs double when we start working with you because I was still using internal employees, and sometimes and I was doing stuff myself, my time is way more valuable than anybody else, anybody in my company * yeah exactly and then on top of that when I have employee they want * staff to say somebody like it your company does it full time so my pay roll cost even if maybe that person costing you half what your personal cost meet, that person would take twice three four times longer. So very good stuff, budgets from the stand point of hiring somebody and then budgets internally. Anything that is worth mentioning about back links content, I mean I guess it is just about being realistic about the budget. How does somebody think about that?

Yeah and even as a business owner, the thing that we can’t forget you know, I am a business owner, Jones is a business owner, everyone is a business owner if you think about it there is a dollar amount associated with every hour you spend on your business

And an opportunity cost, whatever you are doing is taking what you should be doing

Exactly right so even though you are trying to do it yourself or you are yourself, there is a dollar amount associated with that, that is time you are taking away from all the other critically important things that you need to be focusing on in your business.


So that is something I try to remind people as well but like I said again, I am a, I am, equal opportunity employer when it comes to my clients, I like to see small businesses eager businesses, hungry businesses succeed

It is fun to work with guys that are going to go somewhere and you know they are going to build something real

Yeah it is, it is and they are firing

They have learned

Their firing inspires me as well

I like those, those are our best clients at service auto pilot. Well for another big one, so let’s say * budgets being run realistic about budget was it something you want to say there or what is the another one or what would you say



Waiting, hesitating to get started, start today

Oh that is  good point, SEO, talking about the, let me talk about this a little bit, three, what three to six months, to get results


Wait till the last minute because that is going to save some money during your off season or whatever excuse there is

Sure I mean we did, we did cause every week of potential clients trying to determine whether or not they want to use our services and a lot of times there will be, there will be clients who don’t want to get started yet, they don’t really have, they don’t feel like they have enough money to really afford our SEO package and they don’t even want to really spend the money that it takes to go with our cheapest local listing services that we provide, that would be our entry level services


They don’t even want to spend the money to do that sometimes and I always, I say it many times to them even when I am speaking to them and they don’t want to stand in the line and they don’t want to move forward. They don’t feel that they have a budget and they want to wait until say a lawn care company, they want to wait until the next season starts before they invest but when they have more money coming in before they invest you know full bloom on my marketing campaign. I can completely understand about not having, feeling like you don’t have the budget or not being able to move forward or the thing is too expensive but something that I always remind these clients is search engine optimization everything that we do online, all the online marketing stuff that we do online, PPC might be it is kind of its own piece but most of the other techniques that we use online, they take time and it is not, it is generally not clients wait on us, it is not us delivering, it is us waiting on Google and the search engines to take advantage and to rerank our website and our listings based on the changes and improvements that we have made.

And when you are * you are still doing work

No no, there is always stuff to be done

Right I got to interject at this point, one another thing, I mean this is because is think this is a really valuable lesson, kind of one of the things we have had at service auto pilot, one of the things we can do in service auto pilot it is, you can spend up * fast so you know, one of the, in other videos the strategy of multiple websites

Awesome strategy that multiple websites, no more costly but awesome strategy so we give our clients how to * so they can use it as a course. We had a bunch of smaller clients that like go get their website up and after four months they will go into their off season but a good example would be lawn care or some other industries like maybe cleaning when they are more likely to clean in summer months in certain cities in the United States because like Florida you know there are people are vacationing in the winter, they are gone or they are in for the winter and they head to Florida in summer so you know, they are season out and* so what they want to do is, they were going about four months with their site and go away we are going into our off season here so I want to turn it off. I mean it is like we are going to start all the way over and so one of the concepts I, really important, think about everything in terms of internal investment. Websites are like 20 bucks 30 bucks a month, I mean almost worse case, depending who you go with and so and let’s say you have sale, when you sell a client that client is worth a thousand, only a thousand bucks a year too and they are going to stay with you five years, that is worth five thousand bucks. And your website is going to cost you, let’s just say 30 bucks a month so it is going to cost  you three hundred and sixty dollars for the year

You can turn it for three months to say a whole 90 bucks and even if all you got is one client from that website that whole entire year, you sacrificed five thousand dollars to save 90 bucks now it is the kind of thinking we see all the time. It is disastrous, I mean this is a process. Even if you don’t use an agency, I mean this is a process, you are investing a little bit of money upfront here for a maximum, for massive return down the road and you can’t nickel * you can’t be cheap about this

Very true you have to think long term and all of our strategies are long term, absolutely. We are trying to admit it with things that are kind of more short term ideas like PPC and different things like that but we look at everything on six months


Time tables

Yup you are not long term mind if you do not build your business to be in this from two years from now. If you are building this thing,  you are selling or whatever

Don’t waste your time

Total waste

Save your money

May be pay per click

If you are not going to be in the business don’t waste your money, don’t even do any marketing just stay away

Alright so what else, yeah I think that is enough on that issue. What else do we follow up, let’s say we are down with four

Yeah that is four

It’s the fifth one, let’s say follow up would you agree. Like you have spend all this money to get so it is not really online marketing but because this would carry over * but you spend all week

We have to mention it because it blows my mind that I come across it when I you know, when get calls from potential clients who get interested in our service for their business and I call their business phone number and nobody answers the phone that

Ultimate sin

That is a really bad sign

Yeah I would say that is probably my number one, that my second one is hiring a ten dollar or you are bigger company, you hire a ten dollar person that knows actually nothing about the company


And is too dumb to, I mean you know, they did not have enough skill, you didn’t train them so they are just complete, I mean the client answers the prospect, gets his person on the phone and they are disgusted by them but there is no, they represent you. I mean I think my personal strategy is we have more expensive people on our phone. Sometimes, some of your most expense might be the people work in your phones, they are the front end, they are the face of your company, they are the guy that has to close the deal, I think that is

Very valuable* they are the face of your company

It is so easy* get a freaking answer

At the very least, get a life call answer, that would be the first place

And it is all fast alright so that then have so then you are not answering the phone anymore, being cheap about it and putting somebody on the body who is not trained, does do a good job, is like your-self prevention department, that just kills every possibility that comes in your company what else

Something that we do our clients websites, we are going into more in depth in another video, it is about forms, we always provide information contact information from * prospects

We tested this, this is big

You know phone number or name at the very minimum

Minimum But you need to test good form because


Think about this concept, you know the guys that we work it can be guy or a girl but they don’t work all day long. They are tired and they are pulling I got an easy another lawn care example, I mean this could be anything. this could be carpet, this could be anything but a guy pulls in his backyard, the grass is tall, it is sunny outside, he needs a lawn service and he is at 6 o clock, he needs dinner with the family and he is still thinking about lawn care and so he can be writing stuff a note to call you and probably won’t call you tomorrow because as soon he gets to the office, they are going to have a meeting and everything falls apart as they go crazy, never calls you put off or you can have an estimate form, a good estimate form on your site, he eats dinner, he is browsing, sitting on the couch, browsing on the iPad, fills out your form right there and you capture. I mean and you have captured the lead, your office was close. If you don’t have a good lead capture system, you are missing out so much, something like, I have to look at stats at service auto pilot something like fifty percent of our leads come through estimate forms


And I see it * they are very effective

We track all that, they are very effective

And they call immediately even if you tell them we are going to email you an estimate or we are going to mail you a proposal call up, you got to call up

And you would be surprised how many visitors will come to a website, enter their name, phone number, email into your contact lead generating form and but not call your phone number which is huge at the very top right corner of your website but they are comfortable leaving you their phone number, their email address and their name. and these people, I will give you example in my own business, we have a similar contact form on my site, quick super easy way to capture leads and I can’t tell you how many times I will get a lead for the website, they don’t call the company, they send me their email and their phone number and I get their email, I get that email to my inbox and I call them back within a minute or two unless there is some mysterious circumstance, as soon as I get that from our website, I am on the phone. As soon as it comes I am on the phone and I can’t tell you how many positive reactions I get from clients who are amazed at how quickly I responded to their interest in my business and I guarantee it will be the same way for you no matter what services you are providing. The fact that you are so responsive to a new lead is going to tell that prospect that wow these people might be just as responsive at providing this service that I need and that I am interested in.

That is a good one, we have tested this and the fact we have tested it so certain of it. Like right now we have this whole estimate process filled in service auto pilot


We can capture leads and it will automatically log us, take and email somebody in your company

It’s great

Well yeah but because we tested exactly what you are talking about, we are now adding, it will be a little bit but we are about to add text so because text is so much faster than email and we found just exactly what you said, the faster you hit them it is like your first impression. It is like wow these guys are going to be this fast, I wonder what their customer services would be like they are serious about their business

We are adding text to it for that exact reason so you instantly get the text, hit the, on your iPhone, hit the phone number and call them right in inches. Such a powerful tool and so nobody else is doing it. It is awesome

It works. We don’t have to go into this follow up, you got a niche to follow up and then you call them, they don’t answer you like voice mail I will call you back and most companies okay somebody else calls them now, call them

Call them back everyday call them until they say no


That is the rule

And another one, well this one too

You are not harassing them, clearly they are interested in the service, they left either contact info or they will call you at the very least. So they are definitely interested in your service but you want a yes or you want  a no

Good point, think about your own life like you might be interested in some service and you got kids and things were crazy, work was crazy, you there is a million catastrophes that happen, all the intention of the world to buy that thing, do that thing and you might not call, even call the person back for multiple days and you have had instances where you were interested, you just couldn’t get to it. So just because they don’t call you back doesn’t mean they are not interested

And I usually, depending on we’ll left them a voice mail or if I have spoken to them once before, I generally wait you know three days may be a week to follow up on that first voice mail or message that I left him. I don’t want to harass prospects, you don’t want to, you don’t want to blow them up, you don’t want to necessarily call them every single day but every two days, every three days that would be a bit

And I think there is a bounce, I have to admit, service magic calls me on my cell phone every three days and they have been calling me I don’t know two months now, I will never call them back because they will not, there isn’t there * at there

You don’t want

I refuse to talk to them now

Exactly you don’t want to harass your prospects but you do want a yes or a no

So I will tell you a technique that is awesome that we use is the phone because I believe in phone, the communication is still the best

In person too

In person communication kills online communication and then phone next down that online is next


And so one thing we do and I guess you have the coding software to do again for service auto pilot but you have that full coding system


So one of the things we teach our team is, you do the call on the phone with the client, if you don’t close the work, you send them the quote right there. It has got a testimonials in it, it has got the pricing, if you, even if you don’t do it that day, if you don’t send them because you had closed it, at least you know make the phone call and after * give up and then I am used to do it after a couple of days, we send the quote. Now we do it immediately because it works but we use to do a couple of calls, if they didn’t call, we finally just fired off the estimate. An interesting thing is sometimes they would not choose us, they had gone to somebody else. It is why then call back and then why three months later when they click the link, the * come in our system and buying because they were fed up of two day. They came from somewhere. If they never call you back see if you can still at least get something to their inbox in the form of an email.

That is very good point and that is something that we do on our, I am glad you brought that up, that is something that we do on all of our lead generating forms that we put up and call up across all of our clients where the property is that we do require phone number, we do require an email address, we do require a name.


That is the minimum but often times we will request additional information what specific service are you interested in, you know, some different information like that but phone email, name, those are required. There could be additional stuff on the form but those two are required and like you said, we always call them first, we don’t send them an email and leave it with that

Yeah call, back call

We want a person on the line, a person with a nice personality, a person who knows your business, a person who can sell your business, a person who knows your best virtues and gets us across to your potential.


Client and so obviously you call them as soon as you get that lead


As soon as you get that lead, if you get a voice mail, leave a voice mail, leave all your contact information and immediately after that send them an email


Send them an email, send them testimonials, send them information about whatever services they are interested in, sell yourself in an email. In that way you have two points to contact now


They have your email address, they can email and they can email you back to ask you more questions or they can call you because you left them a voice mail and then again, if you still have not listened form them within two days or so give them another call. I would necessarily email them again, I would give them another call, I will continue to call until you get a yes or no.

Okay I get a bonus one


This one is awesome and hardly anybody does it but you couldn’t pay me stop doing this one so we do the calls we do the email and we do what we call lead letter, so everybody is different. Some people like email, some people * like I have got two hundred emails sitting in my inbox right now, I suck in through my email just takes me long


But so, I figured there is whole bunch of people like me do that and so we get a lead, we call it a lead letter, it is pre written, hand written address, real stamp. We produce these things in advance and they are in everybody’s desk so you call our office and you talk to Kelly and you don’t sell that or you talk to Arthur who ever and you don’t buy that day, Arther has already got his pre written lead letter, it is stamped, it is selling, everything and all he does is write your address on it puts it in the * box and take all their mail to the post office by 5 o clock each day, you will have our lead letter at your house the next day. It is incredibly powerful. So now * so we are hitting them with phone calls, we are hitting them with a written lead letter, I has got our guarantee of testimonials. There are seven reasons why we are different than every other option you are going to consider and now we fall in for the

Three points to contact. I get a bonus, I *house *we will show *

Alright so that will fall in five, anything else

Yeah well we got to mention tracking, testing and tweeting

Oh yeah

Very important

Everybody does that

Nobody does that because * one of the most important things you should be doing, track, test tweek your website, your online, pay per click, your SEO everything


Don’t just create a website and forget about it, the market is super competitive


And you want to, we are going to do  a video specifically about this, split testing is what people call it


And it is very important, you want to test everything. Headlines, pay per click ads, the layout of your pages, all of this can be tested and tweet to get a higher click through rate to get more people purchasing your services, we are high corporate points about testing every element of page and especially your ads as well.

I think it is a simple concept. If you want to sell more work then make more money, test


If you don’t, don’t test. It is pretty easy



Alright cool


We will do the other one

Let me stop this one we are doing.

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