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What Records Are You Going to Break With Your Lawn Care Business Over the Next 12 Months?

Did you see the incredible skydive from the edge of space this weekend?

Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a balloon from an astounding 128,100 feet!

He set 3 records!

1. Highest Freefall
2. Highest Manned Balloon Flight and…
3. First man to break the sound barrier without using a friggin’ rocket!!!

He reached 833MPH!!!!

What records are you going to break in your lawn care or landscaping business during the next 12 months?

• Have you outlined exactly what steps you need to take to accomplish this goal?
• Is your plan in place and ready to implement at specific times?
• What are you doing in February just before peak season launch?
• What is your plan to upsell during slow periods?
• What are you going to do to increase referrals and testimonials?
• How are you going to market seasonal services?

You need a proven lawn care marketing plan in place for the next 12 months…

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