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10 Ways Service Autopilot Will Make Your Lawn Care Business (and life) Better


When you dreamed of starting your lawn care business you probably wanted to make more money — but more than that, you wanted to control your future… you wanted to be free. Service Autopilot is the tool that puts you in control of your business and gives you the freedom you wanted.




The only way to have control is to understand what is going on. To achieve this you must have an organized business with real-time access to your key business information from anywhere, on any device. Likewise, you can’t be in control if you don’t understand what your team is doing.




The only way to make more money is to sell more work at your target profit margin. Service Autopilot helps you capture more prospects, convert more leads, sell more work, and increase your profit margin. It also helps you save money. A lot of money.




Business is far more fun when your clients are happy. Service Autopilot makes it possible for your clients to manage their own account, lets you proactively communicate with clients, helps keep your clients in the loop and ultimately ensures you impress your clients.




Nothing creates stress like employee and contractor problems. Service Autopilot will help track them, provide structure and hold them accountable.




Everything in one place. Everything easily accessible. Everything easy to find. Next time someone leaves your company they will be leaving behind an audit trail of knowledge, undone tasks, and past client / lead contact details. Service Autopilot creates simplicity by keeping everything in one place.




When you lay down after a long day, does your mind race with the 50 things you need to do tomorrow and the list of things you forgot to do today. Service Autopilot has a system for keeping up with your promises and your to do’s. There is even a system to make sure that the task you asked an employee to do actually gets done.


What would happen if your main computer crashed? Or multiple computers got a virus? Or someone stole your computers? If a computer crashes all you have to do is walk over to another one and you are back in business. Never worry about backups again. No IT guy needed. Everything in one place in one connected system.




When you know your numbers. When you know who your best clients are. When you know you’re on top of your game — you can make smart business decisions with confidence. Service Autopilot gives you the ability to be confident.




Wasn’t your dream freedom and more income? Service Autopilot will help eliminate your common business problems. You’ll get paid faster and have better cash flow. You’ll have money to grow. Collections will be under control. Employees will be happy and payroll in check. Your clients will be thrilled and as a result your business and profits will grow.


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We don’t sell magic beans or get rich quick. Tomorrow when you start using Service Autopilot you will have all the same stresses, all the same frustrations, all the same annoyances.


But. In the coming weeks and months they will fade if you use the system and implement it throughout your company.


It’s not hard… it just takes a little time because you have to continue to run your company while you change and improve your company.

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