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How to Stop Competing on Price – LIVE from CLCA Landscape Industry Show

How to Stop Competing on Price - LIVE from CLCA Landscape Industry Show 2013

If You are Competing on Price… You have a Marketing Problem.

Hi everybody, Andrew here.  I am live from Los Angeles, California.  I just got done surfing – no, I’m joking, I didn’t.  I just got done speaking for two hours at the California Landscape Contractor Association’s Landscape Industry Show out here in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles convention center.  You can see it right back there behind me; that’s it.  Here in front of me, actually, is the Staples center.  It’s right here. I didn’t know they were next door, so I imagine that the Lakers are probably scheduled to lose again tonight.  So, I’m looking forward to that, but I had a great talk today.  I spoke for two hours, if you can believe that.
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Landscape Management Magazine – 6 Ways to Make Your Website Sell

6 Ways to Make Your Website Sell - Landscape Management Magazine

Landscape Management Magazine February 2013 – Written by Lawn Care Marketing Expert

Your website is your most important salesman. In fact, making sales is the ONLY reason to have a website. Here are 6 great ways to give your website the sales tools it needs to Always Be Closing…
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Answer The Call – Lawn & Landscape – January 2013 – Cover Story

The January 2013 Lawn & Landscape Cover Story Features Lawn Care Marketing Expert discussing Phone 101: How to use the phone to win customers and keep them coming back.

In business, it is often those things we don’t give much thought that with just the right tweaks can really have an impact on our profits and growth.

Having a clear well defined phone strategy is one of those often overlooked things.

I work with lawn care and landscaping companies big and small below 100k to over 8m. When it comes to the phone, shockingly the biggest difference between the two is that the larger companies have several people on staff to answer the phones. But when it comes to how the phones are actually used the differences end.

Harlan Hogan’s famous quote “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is still true today. Unfortunately, many companies treat it as a cliché and have no strategy behind their phone. If you can talk, you generally have all the skills you need to be a lawn company’s first impression.

They forget that as far as a prospect or client is concerned – the person answering the phone IS YOUR COMPANY. Just as the skill of your crews determines the quality of your company’s work, so to does the way your staff handle the phone give your company its image.

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Green Industry PRO Magazine Interview – Social Media… Beyond the Hype

Gregg: Welcome back, everybody. Gregg Wartgow with GreenIndustryPros.com. Thanks for tuning in again. Today we’re talking about a topic you’ve likely been hearing a whole lot about and that’s social media, but we’re going to tackle it from a little bit different perspective. We’re going to look at how different types of landscape companies of different sizes can utilize the many different types of social media tools out there. Things like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and so on to actually get a decent return on your time investment. Believe me, you can spend an enormous amount of time on this stuff and get absolutely nowhere. To help us out with this topic we’re joined by Andrew Pototschnik from LawnCareMarketingExpert.com. How you doing today, Andrew?

Andrew: Very good. Thanks for having me, Gregg.
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Lawn & Landscape Magazine – Build a Marketing Plan That Works

Build a Marketing Plan That Works

Lawn Care Marketing Expert’s keynote speech was featured in Lawn & Landscape Magazine’s coverage of The PLANET & NPMA Lawn Care Summit 2013

The fourth annual Lawn Care Summit opens in Orlando with a focus on sales and growth for 2013.

Chuck Bowen | January 9, 2013

ORLANDO – The fourth annual Lawn Care Summit opened Tuesday in Florida to record attendance.

More than 200 LCOs and pest control operators came to Florida for three days of technical and business training focused on the lawn care industry. The event, co-hosted by PLANET and the National Pest Management Association, is sponsored by Real Green Software, Bayer, Syngenta, Agrium Advanced Technologies, Dow AgroSciences and Holganix.

This year’s conference is the largest since PLANET and NPMA started co-hosting the event in 2008, and offers training for owners to develop their sales, marketing and operations, as well as high-level perspectives on the future of the lawn care industry.

In the keynote address, Andrew Pototschnik, founder of the marketing agency Lawn Care Marketing Expert, exhorted attendees to approach marketing with as much focus and energy as they do other parts of their business.

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Green Industry PRO Magazine Interview – Dealing With Negative Reviews

Green Industry PRO Magazine Interview – Dealing With Negative Reviews

Gregg: Negative feedback. Obviously, you’re hoping this isn’t going to happen and it’s probably a smidgen of a chance it will because your followers are your friends and your current customers, but I’m sure it does pop up from time to time. How do you deal with that random negative post on your Facebook page or what have you?

Andrew: That’s a great question. I’d actually like to expand this a little bit and not just negative posts on your Facebook page but negative reviews perhaps left for you on Yelp, or on Google Places, or any of these other review sites. Why don’t we take it back a little bit broader than just…
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Lawn Care Marketing Expert Interview with Dean Jackson

Lawn Care Marketing Expert Interview with Dean Jackson

I just spent an amazing and intense 4 LOOOONG days with my friend and fellow marketer Dean Jackson. Dean is a phenomenal real estate marketer and is the brains behind many huge products and businesses. We went in depth into Lawn Care Marketing Expert AND how we can better serve our partners and their customers.

He was recently featured in Tony Robbins New Money Masters series https://www.tonyrobbins.com/products/business-finances/money-masters-series.php

Very exciting things coming in the next few months… in the meantime… check out the interviews…
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Lawn & Landscape Magazine Interview with Lawn Care Marketing Expert


Brian: Hi, this is Brian Horn with Lawn and Landscape magazine, here on the Lawn Care Radio network. I’m here today with Andrew Pototschnik, and Andrew is the Lawn Care Marketing Expert. Andrew, could you give me a brief overview of what you do?

Andrew: You bet. Thanks for having me, Brian. As you mentioned, I’m the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert. We are the marketing department of many large and small lawn care and landscaping companies across the world. We have clients all over the world. U. S. and Canada, obviously are our biggest markets. Australia’s really growing big for us this year, as well. And something that we do that’s really different from other marketing companies is that we’re really specialists in the field. We have a laser sharp focus on the green industry. Like, the only industry that we focus on, and companies hire us and know that we have their marketing handled for them. We don’t just partner with every company that approaches us. So, we do pick and choose who we think will make the best partner and who we can truly add value to their business. And your marketing is really a partnership, so it’s really important that we have clients that really want to cooperate with us and implement our strategies and increase their success in their own business.
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PLANET & NPMA Lawn Care Summit 2013


Lawn Care Marketing Expert is honored to be the opening speaker at the 4th Annual Lawn Care Summit in Orlando, FL on January 7-9 2013.

During this educational seminar he will cover a number of current lawn care marketing topics including social media, search engine optimization and other topics critical to getting leads, retaining clients and getting the highest marketing ROI.

For tickets or additional information visit: https://www.landcarenetwork.org/events/lcs/
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Landscape & Lawn Care Business Tips Interview with Tom Delaney (PLANET) [Part 1]

In PART 1 of this special Lawn Care Business Tips Interview Tom Delaney of PLANET Landcare Network is interviewed by Lawn Care Millionaire about critical lawn care & landscape industry topics:

  • Labor Concerns
  • H2B Visas
  • Worker Requirements
  • Pesticide & Fertilizer Concerns
  • Water Restrictions

Tom Delaney is the Director of Government Affairs for PLANET.

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