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Lawn Care Marketing Expert Interview with Dean Jackson

I just spent an amazing and intense 4 LOOOONG days with my friend and fellow marketer Dean Jackson. Dean is a phenomenal real estate marketer and is the brains behind many huge products and businesses. We went in depth into Lawn Care Marketing Expert AND how we can better serve our partners and their customers.

He was recently featured in Tony Robbins New Money Masters series https://www.tonyrobbins.com/products/business-finances/money-masters-series.php

Very exciting things coming in the next few months… in the meantime… check out the interviews…

Lawn Care Marketing Expert Interview with Dean Jackson

Andrew: Hi, Andrew here. I am in Celebration, Florida, with my main man, Dean Jackson.

Dean: There we go.

Andrew: I’ve spent three fantastic days with him, really digging into my business in marketing, and how I can apply that to my clients, to help them get more clients. Dean, a lot of people who follow this might not know who you are. I do. I’ve been following you for a very long time. So maybe, you could give us a little bit of background.

Dean: Sure. The easiest thing, I started out as a real estate agent. I started applying marketing to my own business, and then licensing and creating turnkey tools for real estate agents. Fast forward, with my friend Joe Polish, I started doing a podcast at ILoveMarketing.com. Joe did the exact same thing that I was doing, with carpet cleaners. So all of the lessons that we learned together, bringing them together and seeing how they apply to all kinds of businesses is really what ILoveMarketing.com is about.

Andrew: Fantastic. And you might be watching this and be thinking, OK, so he does marketing for real estate agents. How is that going to help me? This is not at all my type of business. But something that I’d really like you to take away from this is that you need to look outside of your specific industry. You can take ideas from whatever industry that you find good ideas. Don’t think that it doesn’t apply to you just because it doesn’t exactly fit your business model. Dean’s very good about applying things that he’s learned in other industries to different businesses of all types.

Dean: Yeah. And part of the thing is looking at what we’ve created. At I Love Marketing, we talk about the three different units of your business or four units. It’s all about finding people who want to do what it is that your business does, delivering them to your during unit, which is about getting the result, the actual transactional part of the business, and then the after unit, which is about nurturing lifetime relationships with people, and orchestrating referrals.

Underneath that umbrella, we’ve got what we call the eight profit activators. We call that whole process the breakthrough DNA process. The reason we chose that name, DNA, is because each of those eight profit activators is like a little DNA cell that manifests itself differently in every business. But they’re universally present. You’ve got to select a single target market. You’ve got to compel those people to call you, whether you are a chiropractor or a lawn care professional or a dentist or a real estate agent or a carpet cleaner. All of those eight profit activators apply. And it’s very instructive to see how they apply to other businesses, and how you might be able to take that and apply it to your business, whatever it is.

Andrew: That’s great. Another thing that we spent some time on over the past couple of days is, we discussed compelling your prospects to call you.

Dean: Sure.

Andrew: And by doing that, you have to prove your worth, to be able to service their needs and really create a dream come true. [inaudible 03:19] is a word that we’ve used a lot over the past couple days. So maybe you could talk about compelling prospects to call you.

Dean: Sure. Part of the thing is whether one of two things is going to be true about the prospects that you’re trying to reach. They’re either going to be visible prospects. If you’re serving a niche of people that are designated as something, like if you’re serving chiropractors, or you’re serving teachers or dentists, you can get a list of those people. But if you’re serving people who you can’t get a list of, if they’re invisible prospects, and their need is what’s going to identify them, then you’ve got to have a way to compel them to raise their hand and say, I’m potentially interested in what you have.

A lot of the examples that we use are from real estate. If I’m looking at finding people who want to sell their homes, those are invisible prospects. You can’t buy a list of people who are going to sell their house. So you find a pool of people who own the types of homes that you’d like to sell. And then you’ve got to get those people to raise their hand. And we use a compelling offer that way, by offering them something that’s going to provide the information that they’re looking for, that starts the process of doing whatever it is that you do. So it’s not about, at that stage, convincing them to do anything. It’s just offering them something that’s going to be valuable to them that’s going to get them to raise their hand. So that now, you can educate and motivate them about doing business with you.

Andrew: Exactly. And then direct them down the road that you want them to take.

Dean: That’s exactly right. Yeah.

Andrew: That’s fantastic. Dean, I thank you so much.

Dean: You’re very welcome.

Andrew: The past three days have been fantastic.

Dean: Awesome. Oh, it’s been great having you guys.

Andrew: It was fantastic hanging out with you, and we learned a whole lot. Enjoyed talking to you.

Dean: Thanks.

Andrew: Thank you, sir.

Lawn Care Millionaire Interview with Dean Jackson

Jonathan: Hey, it’s Jonathan with Service Autopilot. I’m here with a friend of mine, Dean Jackson. We’re in Florida, and Dean is really a genius behind so many businesses and some of the biggest marketing names out there. I’ve learned for years now so many things from Dean, and so we had the opportunity to come to Florida and spend three days with him. Dean, I don’t know that most people know you because you’re behind the success of so many people, and you’re not out there gloating in any way.

Dean: Right. Exactly.

Jonathan: Can you tell everybody a little bit about you.

Dean: Sure. The story on me, I started out as a real estate agent, started learning marketing and applying it to my own business, and then started licensing all the things that I was doing to other realtors. So I learned how to package the things that I was doing as turnkey solutions for other realtors. So for 20 years now I’ve been out helping real estate agents make more money and then teamed up with my friend, Joe Polish, who I’ve known for 15 years who was doing the same thing I was doing for carpet cleaners and now we realized, boy, we’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way that not only apply to carpet cleaning and to real estate but apply to all businesses. So we started the Outlook Marketing Podcast, and we share all of those kind of things with all kinds of business owners all over the world.

Jonathan: If you’re not watching ILoveMarketing.com, you really need to check it out. It’s an incredible marketing education that you normally pay an incredible amount of money to get. So you’ve got to be paying attention to that. You guys have done a great job there.

Dean: Thanks.

Jonathan: Because you’re behind so many businesses and you’ve seen so many successes, can you tell me a little about if there’s one big difference maker between the guys that are really doing well, who are making money, successful in their business, actually creating a good lifestyle, what’s that big difference maker that really is different about those kind of guys?

Dean: Sure. The difference, I would say, in my observation between all the businesses that are really thriving, are ones that provide transformational change for businesses, businesses that when they applied their product or their ideas that they’re getting incredible results so that it all starts with the result focus. Because they’ve got that result focused, you can make it super easy for people to get started. If you can be in a position where you can get somebody results ahead of time, and they can pay from the results that they’re going to create. that’s like rocket fuel. This can really help a business grow, no matter what, even if they’re charging upfront. Being able to get that result gives you that confidence.

Jonathan: Fantastic. One topic that I really love is direct mail. I like direct mail. So many guys, they’ve tried it once and they don’t think it works, or they write it off in their business. They write it off in their industry, and you’re awesome at direct mail. You’re awesome at creating a funnel to bring people in and take them from offline and bring them online.

Dean: Right.

Jonathan: So for all of the guys out there that tried direct mail, had a bad experience and just don’t think it’s going to work for them, is there a piece of wisdom you can give them to get them back on the game?

Dean: Yeah. One of the things that we talked about this over the three days is that the very first step has to be just get everybody to raise their hand that they’re interested. I think it’s very valuable to know that offering somebody something that just has complete self-interest on their part driving it, that’s compelling for people. One of the things… distinctions I make is looking for creating a compelling offer more than a convincing argument because when somebody’s compelled to do something, it’s driven by their own self-interest. That’s like getting into the jet stream. It’s just like moving at light speed. You get already in motion moving towards what they want.

Jonathan: That’s great. Great. Dean, it’s been great hanging out with you for three days.

Dean: Awesome.

Jonathan: I had a great time with you. You’ve got to check out I Love Marketing. It’s incredible wisdom. Pay attention to him. Thanks.

Dean: Thanks, guy.

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

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