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How to Differentiate Your Lawn Care Business From Your Half-Price Competitors

This is a topic that really should be highlighted, because it is a low cost way to make your marketing more effectively…

Red bull is a 5 billion dollar company, and the dominate force in their market.

In fact, the world record skydive I wrote about last week cost them $65 million dollars.

So how do you compete with competitors with huge budgets and mass exposure.

Market smarter, be creative, be original. Don’t copy the big guys.

The creative marketer can always put their own unique twist on things. On that note…

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you… the Slim Jim beef jerky world record free-fall attempt in response to the 6 million dollar Red Bull skydive…

How to Differentiate Your Lawn Care Business From Your Half-Price Competitors

Yes… It’s the Slim Jim shortest free fall ever… Only lasting .0006 seconds…

Every company has a unique selling point. What is Yours?

Like it or not, Lawn Care and Landscaping services are a commodity. Anyone with a pickup truck and a lawn mower can call themselves a lawn company.

So how do you avoid competing with the guy in a truck working for half price just to get beer money for the weekend?

The key is to be unique.

If your not unique, if you can’t position yourself as being different, you will always end up competing with everyone else in your market that does the same thing. Then it becomes a competition to see who can charge less than everyone else.

Well, I don’t know about you. But I don’t work for peanuts. You shouldn’t either.

Maybe you look at your own business and say, “Well, I pretty much do the same thing as Noname Lawn Care, I’m not sure what I could do to be different”…

And maybe that is true. But I guarantee, you have something that the other guys don’t. You have something that the other guys aren’t advertising as their special trait. And you can.

The key is to be creative with your marketing. Not copying your competitors and being completely original.

Highlight the way you do your services and things you do different or better in extreme detail.

Maybe you have a $1,000,000 insurance policy. Maybe you have a special piece of equipment that does a superior job.

There is something you do or some twist you can highlight that the other guys don’t talk about in their marketing.

Think about it. Get creative with it. Find the best angle to promote.

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

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