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Are Your Friends Holding Your Lawn Care Business Back?

Hi every one today I got a message in the private forum for my coaching program that I want to share with you…

I feel that since I have been in Academy coaching program over the past 2 years I have really been striving to learn more and grow as a human being. I have learned so much and continue to every day.


The struggle is I don’t feel the same around my “good” friends any more. I’m seeing more and more we have different dreams, goals, and mind sets. It’s sad to say but I know I need to let them go. I don’t want them to hold me back in any way, and I know they will. I don’t want to drift off in to average land with them. How do you make this transition?? And how do you find new friends (beside all you of coarse) with same drive and ambition?

I’m lucky my wife is on the same page as me. That always makes life easier. But the rest is a struggle.

This is a great question and it really highlights what our coaching program is about… its not just money that makes for a happy life.

Life is not just about how much cash is in your pocket…. Money isn’t the only thing that matters… Its just as much about who you are and how you live your life and how we grow as individuals.

You’re relationships with friends and family will change as your priorities/interests/income changes.

I say if your friends aren’t changing chances are you are probably not growing/challenging yourself.

When your situation changes your friends will change. The flip is also true.

You can change your situation quicker when you surround yourself with friends that are already on that next level.

They will help shift your mindset sooner and support your growth. Many of our old friends can’t do this.
This is once of the reasons Academy is so effective for those that fully participate like you.

If you’re an entrepreneur or at this first stage interpersonal development the first step is to eliminate people with negative behavior negative mindsets in the contentment for mediocrity.

You are the average of the five people you spend your most time. So start by eliminating people you don’t aspire to be like. If your friends do or party been get drunk every night of the week well that’s not conducive to entrepreneur’s goals of building a business is exceeding a million plus.

After you eliminate the negative people from your life it is time to seek out new friends that have traits you want to acquire for yourself.

Maybe that is finanical, maybe it is business skills, maybe they just have more confidence or social skills and can meet women easier than you can… whatever traits you need now… see out people that have them.

A couple places to start…

Seek out local networking groups – Bni was one of the very first I went to a long long time ago… chamber of commerce meetings..
Meetup.com is really great. 10 years ago when I first moved to miami that is how I met other marketers and learned what the local market had to offer…

Next, As your revenue grows you will want to seek out groups that have annual revenue requirements in order to join such as 1million a year or 10 million a year. These people play at an entirely different level in business and life… joining them spead up my growth and shifted my mindset even more…. When you become buddies with guys playing at levels hiring than you it forces you to not just step your game up but also changes your confidence level and mindset about what you can achieve.

I think of one friend in particular that is playing at the $100m level… far beyond me yet.. And hes taught a number of things about business and life. One of the most important things I realized… it that I am just as smart as he is. And in that in many ways I live a better life than he does… – the difference between use is the amount of time and experience hes put in and how he plays his opportunities…

Eventually you will find yourself with several different circles of friends that all bring something of value to becoming more than what you are today.

You’re in our coaching program so you’ve already skipped most of those baby steps. So really your goal now is to become better friends and closer to the circle of over achievers you already know and come to all the live events so you can bond even more than just over the Internet.

If I look back on my life, in the past 20 years I have changed entire circles of friends at least 4 times. Much of it was on purpose other parts was just being okay with letting them go.

I am a bit unique though, I’ve moved twice to cities where I didn’t know a single person… I like that. It pushed me and forced me to grow in ways I needed to.

You mentioned you are married… and you have a lovely wife… So The key their is making sure your spouse changes with you. A lot of that is communication and participation… but it also comes down to what type of person she is. Some people aren’t interested in being anything more than what they are today.

And as you know… I found this out the hard way.

Fact is most people are content being average. Others are not.

Sometimes they change, sometimes they don’t. Either way there are 7 billion people on this planet and no shortage of quality men and women you should get to know…

But romantic relationships are a whole other topic I will save for another time.

Point is… sometimes we hang on to friendships and relationships both romantic and family that we should let go. Ultimately, whether we want to admit it or not they all have a natural expiration date if we don’t force it.

We need to be okay with change and temporary discomfort… even seek it out… because that is where all the best things in life come from…

Make it happen!

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