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Should You Use an Instant Lawn Quote System on Your Lawn Care Website?

Should you add an instant lawn quote system to your website that allows lawn care leads and visitors to get their own price for your services?

Watch the video to find out what I think!


I don’t recommend adding a instant quote system to your lawn care website that lets visitors get their own price.
They would simply get their own price from your site then contact the next competitors to price shop.
Instead we want them to request an estimate where they expect a follow-up sales call from you.
Your team should already have a sales script they use to close every sale.

Here are some additional points:

Attracts Price shoppers

  • We don’t want these people as lawn care clients.
  • Broke customers waste our time and have the lowest profit margin
  • Many field services already have very tight profit margins as compared to other industries.
  • We don’t want to compete on price. It is a race to the bottom.
  • We want to compete on the value and benefits we provide.
  • In order to do that we need to talk to them.

Eliminates your ability to sell.

  • You can close the most sales face to face.
  • Second over the phone.
  • Third via email/online.
  • We want to talk to our leads, we want to be able to sell ourselves, we want them to show them they can trust us. Calling and talking to your leads is the most effective for that. We need them to call or request an estimate online in order to do that.

Using a free estimate form instead gives you multiple ways to market to them

  • We collect, phone, email, address
  • If they don’t buy, they go on our email and direct mail marketing lists.
  • We market to them on into the future until they are ready to buy or fire the cheapest company they hired previously

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

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