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What ONE THING are you going to CONQUER THIS YEAR!

What ONE THING are you going to CONQUER THIS YEAR!

I’m back. All right, we’re back. It’s great to be back and be sharing some of my knowledge with you again on these videos. I’m excited to be back. Last year was the best year ever. I hope it was a great year for you as well. If it wasn’t, not to worry. We’re going to talk about improving that on today’s video. As you might have noticed, I am wearing my winter coat to give you guys some emotional support today. Read more ›

Are Your Friends Holding Your Lawn Care Business Back?

Friends holding back your lawn care business?

Hi every one today I got a message in the private forum for my coaching program that I want to share with you…

I feel that since I have been in Academy coaching program over the past 2 years I have really been striving to learn more and grow as a human being. I have learned so much and continue to every day.

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Your Lawn Care Website is the Most Important Marketing Decision You Will Make

lawn care Websites - The most important marketing decision

If you were hiring a sales person, who would you hire? A 15 year old that has never spoken on the phone, has no sales training and shows up in a tank top and flip flops when giving leads estimates? Or… Would you hire a sales person of 17 years that looks like a professional, knows exactly what to say to leads in order to close them and who continues to improve their skills to bring you even more business?

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Google My Business For Lawn Care Businesses – Important Changes You Need to Know!

google my business changes for lawn care businesses

Today I wanted to talk about all the changes that are happening within Google over the past several months. They’ve been making a lot of changes to a lot of their different products. One of them in particular, Google My Business, we’re going to talk about that today. What’s been going on with that product and how is it going to affect your lawn care business, very important changes you need to be aware of.
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Should You Use an Instant Lawn Quote System on Your Lawn Care Website?

instant lawn care quotes online

Should you add an instant lawn quote system to your website that allows lawn care leads and visitors to get their own price for your services?

Watch the video to find out what I think!

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What Can Kobe Bryant Teach Us About Being a Champion in the Lawn Care Business?

kobe bryant lawn care business

April 13th 2016 was the last game ever for Kobe Bryant. He was without question One of the greatest to ever play basketball. He had a 20 year career and scored an amazing 60 points in his last game! 60 points!

That is amazing in its own right but the thing that really stuck out for me was an article I saw in routers the very next day.

What can Kobe teach us about being a champion in the lawn care business?
Find out in this video…
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I am Already Number 1 on Google… Why Do I Need SEO?

I am Already Number 1 on Google... Why Do I Need SEO?

Hi everyone. I am Andrew, co-founder of Service Autopilot Academy, the official coaching group for service professionals, lawn care, HVAC, cleaning services and everything in between. We help entrepreneurs take their businesses over a million dollars a year and beyond. I also have a marketing agency that focuses on service businesses as well.

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What Would Happen to Your Lawn Care Business IF…

As you may have noticed we’ve had a lot going on over the past 4 months.
We did a two day business growth and marketing conference in Dallas in partnership with Service Autopilot, that sold out in less than a week
launched Academy our coaching and training group in partnership with Lawn Care Millionaire which now has 90+ handpicked members all working together to transform their businesses and their lives.

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3 Steps to Charging the Right Prices For Your Lawn Care Business

3 Steps to Creating the Right Prices for Your Lawn Care Business

Having the most discounts or charging the lowest prices is hurting landscapers when it comes to pricing.

In fact, lawn care marketing expert Andrew Pototschnik says the industry’s biggest pricing dilemma is that landscapers aren’t charging enough at all.

“Few companies adjust for inflation and haven’t raised prices in years,” he says. “If you are worth what you are charging, your marketing should support that price.”

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Landscape Management Magazine October 2014 – Direct Mail Marketing Success

Direct Mail for Lawn Care Companies

Am I Repeating Myself Myself?

At my marketing agency, Lawn Care Marketing Expert, one of the most commonly uttered phrases applicants to our marketing program make is: “I tried that before and it doesn’t work…” and 80% of the time the ‘it’ they are referring to good old fashioned direct mail marketing.

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