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How to Raise Lawn Mowing Prices

how to raise lawn mowing prices

Majority of lawn care companies simply are not charging enough for their services. Being in a position to raise lawn mowing prices without losing your customers – starts with having a good relationship with your clients. Communicating with them and explain the situation. They really don’t care about a $5-10 increase in price. They spend that much at Starbucks everyday. But they will care if your don’t give them a reason why.
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Does Your Lawn Care Business Image Match Your Message?

lawn care business image

How we look, sound and act affects potential customers decisions to buy.

Whether we like it or not, the way consumers perceive us, the image of your lawn care business, is as big a part of our marketing message as the text we use on our flyers and websites.

Is the type of client you want to attract going to respond positively to how you look sound and act?

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Why Should Someone Buy From Your Lawn Care Company?

Your Lawn Care Company

If you have ever browsed any of the lawn care forums on the internet you have surely witnessed a rather depressing sight… Business owner after business owner bellyaching about how life is so unfair. They just lost another job to the guy down the street who undercut their prices yet again. Boo hoo.

Well, it’s easy to blame our competitors for another job lost but we would be much better served if we looked at how we can change the situation. Because guess what, those cheapo competitors are never going away. That means we must step up, accept it and deal with it.

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Lawn Care Marketing Expert wants to give you an Apple Macbook Air

Lawn Care Marketing Expert Macbook Air

I want to give you a brand new 2014 Apple Macbook Air laptop…

Every year I am swamped with calls from lawn care business owners that talk a good game.

They tell me how “serious” they are about building a real business THIS YEAR… a business that their friends and family don’t laugh at… but instead look to with admiration…

And yet, 12 months later, I get the same call from the same business owner who is still in the same place they were last year because all they do is talk about it…

They never got off their ass and actually did something about it.

I can’t stand that.

But sadly this is the norm.

So, if 2014 is the year, you stop talking and start DOING.

I want to reward you with a brand new Apple Macbook Air…

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Premium Priced Lawn Care Programs & Innovation

There is always room to innovate, even when consumers see your product or service as a commodity.

Often times, there is even room for a high end premium priced product or service in the same market…

If you aren’t offering a high end premium priced product or service to your market, you may be leaving money on the table.

Today’s video is a little bit different than previous episodes… Oh and it features Rihanna and Jay Z?

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Phone Setup for Lawn Care Businesses

Lawn Care Millionaire Which College Classes Should I Take That Will Help Me With My Lawn Care Business

Its come up twice on coaching calls I’ve had with lawn care businesses this week.

How should a lawn business properly configure their phones, so they have the greatest flexibility as they grow in the the future?

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The Most Common Facebook Marketing Misconception For Lawn Care Advertising

Facebook marketing for lawn care advertising

For many lawn care businesses their entire social media marketing strategy consists of posting a few photos of their work and maybe some random tidbits, here and there…

The painful truth…  that most social media marketers won’t tell you is that less than 10% of your posts are ever going to be seen! And 97% of your followers will never visit your lawn care business’s Facebook page again once they like it!

Unless you…

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Lawn Care Website to Rank?

lawn care website rank

It matters what specifically is being done for Search Engine Optimization. Every single company does things differently. If they do the wrong things, then there is a very real chance you will never have any significant rank.

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7 Questions to Increase Lawn Care Business Profits

Increase Lawn Care Business Profits

Here are seven questions you can ask yourself that will show you:
where you can innovate in your business and your market this year AND how you can drastically increase your lawn care business profits in new ways you hadn’t considered previously.

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What Lawn Care Millionaires Are Doing Right Now

What are the most successful lawn care millionaire business owners doing this time of year?

They are planning, they are preparing, they are moving full speed ahead… They aren’t waiting until the last few days before spring to get moving.

So if you are ready to get serious about marketing your lawn care business this season give us a call today at 786-309-7898

Whatever you do get moving now. Procrastination is a lawntreprenuers worst enemy.

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