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How Long Does it Take to Get a Lawn Care Website to Rank?

It matters what specifically is being done for Search Engine Optimization. Every single company does things differently. If they do the wrong things, then there is a very real chance you will never have any significant rank.


It depends.

What specific keyphrase are you trying to rank for? A local service you provide?
A product you sell nationally?

So competition for the phrase matters.
Are there a lot of companies competing to rank for that phrase?
If there are it is going to take longer to slowly build enough links to outrank them.

if you are trying to rank on a national or global scale with lots of companies competing for that one phrase, for a general product search “motorcycles” for example, it very well might not be practical to target that specific phrase as the investment might not be justifiable. You may want to look at targeting more specific less competitive related phrases and consider implementing additional strategies such as content marketing, PPC and social to bring leads to your site.

Google also considers how long your site has been online. The newer the site the longer it takes to rank, which is why I always recommend companies get something up on their domain as quickly as possible.

next, it also matters what specifically is being done for seo. Every single company does things differently. If they do the wrong things, then there is a very real chance you will never rank.

Most just do the easy stuff. Change some title tags and add a meta description. Others modify the underlying site code, internal linking structure, sitemaps and more. We go through a checklist of over 500 items that we modify for our clients sites. I don’t know any company that goes to that extreme. So a lot is riding on whether or not your seo company knows what it is doing. Sadly, most seo companies are just website designers that call themselves seo companies, cant get results and ultimately have no business offering seo.

In local search markets with little competition you can sometimes do just on page optimization and have that one page rank well for one keyword. however, seo strategy should never be about just ranking for one individual keyphrase.

Outside what is on your website. 75-80% of how you rank is in who is linking to you and how are they linking to you. And it is this key area that most SEO companies fall short on.

Additional factors are how many social likes and shares do your pages get and is new content being added to your site on a regular basis? This will add additional pages to your site and increase your rankability within Google.

With proper execution and lots of hard work, good results can be achieved.

There are many unscrupulous SEO companies out there that will guarantee that they can get you front page positioning within a week or two. That should raise a big red flag with you. They are intentionally misleading you into believing PPC is SEO, paid ads that appear at the top of google have nothing to do with SEO and bring in less leads than top ranking optimized webpages. It is however an excellent supplement to a strong SEO program.

So to recap. Unfotunately, everything depends on the keyphrase you choose to target, the company you chose to perform the SEO and the size of your seo budget. The larger the budget the more man hours they can dedicate to getting your site to rank, the quicker it happens. If you are targetting lawn care toronto and you only have a $600 budget its obviously going to take twice as long to hit number one than if you have a $1200 budget. It is really that simple.

We have never come across any market where top rankings could not be achieved with our proper Search engine optimization techniques.

Need help with optimizing your custom lawn care website for you market. Give us a call at 786.309.7898.

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

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