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The Most Common Facebook Marketing Misconception For Lawn Care Advertising

For many lawn care businesses their entire social media marketing strategy consists of posting a few photos of their work and maybe some random tidbits, here and there…

The painful truth…  that most social media marketers won’t tell you is that less than 10% of your posts are ever going to be seen! And 97% of your followers will never visit your lawn care business’s Facebook page again once they like it!

Unless you…


The Number One Facebook Marketing Myth You Need to Know is that there is no cost associated with marketing your business on Facebook. And just by posting you will reach all of your followers.

That is simply not the case.

You have to invest time AND money.

The fact that most social media companies don’t tell you is that Less than 10% of your posts are ever going to be seen. 97% of your followers will never visit your Facebook business page again once they like it.

Facebook is an advertising platform you have to pay to play.

These are the facts. And most likely no one selling you an expensive social media plan has ever bothered to mention them to you.

There are two ways to get your post seen…

Boosting posts (essentially turning them into ads that stay visible at the top of the newsfeed or in the sidebar) or posting stories that get more engagement then everyone else in your followers newsfeed.

By engagment, I mean; more likes, comments and shares.

Facebooks’ EdgeRank algorithm rewards the more popular posts by keeping them in the top of your followers news fee longer. They also continue to tweak it, deciding just how many of your posts get buried vs rise to the top.

It important that you understand this, because the common myth is you can just post and have a successful strategy. When the opposite is true… If you just post without posting compelling content that your followers don’t like, comment on or share, then you are probably wasting time.

And this is why the majority of companies out there spending money and time on social media, do not have a positive ROI to show for it.

And If you arent generating a return on your social media budget. It’s a vanity program.

So to overcome your posts not being seen by your followers you can do too things:
1. Promote your posts. “PAY”
2. Spend MORE TIME (which is money) creating compelling content that engages your followers.

For many smaller businesses you will probably be doing a combination of both.

Paying to get posts in front of your followers and developing excellent content your followers like share comment on.

Now get to it!

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

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