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Multiple Website Strategy for a Lawn Care Business

This is a strategy that we have been using in my company for I would think at least four years if not almost from the beginning and that is to have multiple websites targeting different kinds of clients, you are going to talk about this but this is a strategy I have used and I know it is a strategy you use with a lot of your clients but it is a unique strategy that your agency is one that does this one and does this but a lot of agencies don’t so if you would explain this multiple website strategy and then we are going to, so explain it first and then we will talk about why it works so well

Sure you are exactly right I mean it is definitely unique to our agency not a lot SEO companies do it and it is really all about niche marketing


And essentially what we are doing is, we are creating many many key phrase targeted lead generating mini sites. they are just mini websites but they have a very targeted focus. They are very targeted message and they rank really high and they bring in a lot of leads and some of our clients were managing upwards of forty fifty websites per client so it is really about broad reach, having multiple techniques, templates out there and bringing in clients from different places and targeting phrases that your competitors aren’t and that is really the idea behind it. So the key here is to have a really narrow focus to focus on a very specific service on a very specific geographic region and by doing that we can really give clients who are looking for that very specific service in their area what they want


And something that we also do is we target, what we call gateway services


I mean you know these are, I mean you have some in your industry and I think probably everybody in service business probably may has one or two gateway services


And I guess, you know, if you are a lawn care guy, your gateway services are probably what, sprinkler repair or

It could be anything so if you are using a lawn care example well gateway is different for everybody because everybody might, you might have a different business. Like in the lawn care industry, I met a guy, his core business is mowing, another guy’s core business is fertilization, weed control and so the gateway service is different for them


So for the guy that has fertilization weed control, maybe the gateway service was that he is also does aeration which is a different type of service and so somebody would sign up with the, for the aeration service and then because they just needed that one time and then he can verse them into his fertilization weed control. Or a lawn mowing company might do something like plant flowers and somebody gets into plant flowers and then that turns into selling them all the lawn mowing services so the gateway service is generally the service that is not the core service that you sell, that the new client


Into and then you convert them into your main services

Exactly right. We have a client that is an IT company and there, one of their gateway services is repairing the laptops and often times they repair a laptop for somebody who works at a bigger company and they will turn into the full time managed IT staff for that company. You know virus removal, spiral removal would be another one of the industry


You know there is one for most industries


Termite removal might be another one for a

Pest control

For pest control

Absolutely yes

That would turn into by monthly or quarterly spraying right


And so we, we like to target a lot of those smaller services less competitive phrases with our, with our niche


Our websites and it has been a really effective strategy, again it is, it is definitely the long term strategy, it is not cheap


But it is really effective and you, you want to do, you want to do a little bit of ton


You know, start small and as the, as you get the return on that investment, keep expanding your, keep expanding the number of your websites you have, keep expanding your online presence and it has been a, it has been really effective technique that we have been using, our clients have had great success with it.

Yup. There are two reasons why it works, the reason I started doing it initially was because it really capitalize on the marketing principle of matching the message with the target market so that you are communicating with them so they live in certain city, you are talking to them only about that city, you look like you serve just that city, if you sell specific service like we use the lawn care example and we started to sprinkler repair, I give this example a lot because if you, if the sprinkler is shooting water up in your lawn and it is spraying everywhere and you can’t get it shut off and you are going, you look for a lawn care company because generally you think a lawn care companies who would fix something like that and when you get to the first lawn care company you find in Google, they talk about mowing the lawn and so you hit back and then you go to the next lawn care company and they talk about the beautiful flowers and * so you hit back and third is something else and then the fourth one you get to says we fix sprinkler systems within four hours in Dallas Texas or whatever it is not a great headline but that is the concept. You are like this is exactly what I need, this is, these guy are for me and you keep reading so

That is all about matching the message with the search

That is right and so this is, honestly this is an expensive strategy and it, but it converts better because of this exact principle. They find exactly what they are looking for. there is actually though, this also, really cool side benefit to the strategy and that is that if you are really good at SEO optimization, you end up with multiple websites all on the front page of Google so if there is ten slots available and your potential client is clicking around, they find you at one, * pretty interesting, let’s see what else is out there and they hit back and they read number two and maybe two may be is not say somebody else they read it. They are like that is interesting. They look at three that is you again. They look at five, spot five, that you again and then maybe they even, like scan up the top of the page and you are running a pay per click advertisement, you know pretty quick they start to get, okay well these guy are like, are the main guys in the market.

They are the man

Yeah and then everything I have been reading is interesting so it really sets you up to have a disproportionate chance of getting the business and so there is actually even more benefit. Those are two of the massive benefits around the market, multi marketing website strategy.

It is big. It has been a very successful thing we have been doing for our clients

Yup and like a lot of other stuff we talk about, it is a long term approach


It just doesn’t happen, this strategy doesn’t even happen in three months. I mean this takes a while because

You are developing, you are developing many many brand new websites. They can take, they do take a water ran

Right yeah because you can’t just keep using the same website over and over again. That doesn’t work. They have got to be unique so but the return on investment from my view point is worth it. You can definitely put up many, one of these marketing mini websites that don’t make any sense. So you want to be careful, you don’t want to careful, make sure you put a website for a service that is even *


Keyword foundation

Foundation stuff

But if you, you have got your ducks * you figure that out and you are doing it right then it only takes a few sales per year some time or couple of sales per month and these sites pay for themselves just depends on the economics of your business and stuff

In what industry you are in


Obviously, what the lifetime value of a client is

Right right. Very good so great strategy, check into it, it works.

Multiple Website Strategy Overview for a Lawn Care Business

  • Unique to Lawn Care Marketing Expert
  • Niche Marketing
    • narrow your focus so your msg resonates)
    • Target Gateway Services
      • Might not be your core service / But brings in new clients
        • Sprinkler Repair -> Lawn Maintenance
        • Virus/Spyware Removal -> Managed IT Services
        • Termite Removal -> Bi-Monthly/Quarterly Spray
  • Niche Sites can Rank Higher than end all/be all service providers that do EVERYTHING.
  • Long term approach. – Considerably more expensive but pays for itself over time.
  • Google bans
    • Very important to have more than one entry (website) to your online sales funnel
  • Think about ROI per site
    • Lifetime value
    • How many sales must you make to justify expense

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