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7 Questions to Increase Lawn Care Business Profits

Here are seven questions you can ask yourself that will show you:
where you can innovate in your business and your market this year AND how you can drastically increase your lawn care business profits in new ways you hadn’t considered previously.


This week I have another homework assignment for you… And I guarantee you, if you answer them honestly and then actually do something about it, you will not only decrease client churn, but also increase your profits.

What do consumers in my market need or want that I can help solve with my skills/service offerings? What problems can you solve in your market?

What can I do to make my customer experience better?
Communicate more frequently?
Proactively recommend additional ways to help?

When a potential customers calls about my services, how can I make their decision-making process easier?
What criteria should their decision be based on? Do I need to educate them further?
Can I guarantee the product or service they are on the fence about?

What are my potential customers’ biggest frustrations when it comes to a business like mine? /lawn care or landscaping services?
Not showing up on time? Not delivering visible results?
They wont be able to do it alone?

What can I do to help eliminate these frustrations?
Bill accurately and consistently on the same day every month?
Do they need some extra handholding or phone calls?

If my customers could create their dream scenario, with my services what would that look like?
Should I combine several services into one no fuss package?
Do they want one-on-one time with me?

What extra services could I offer that, would better facilitate my customers needs and/or desires?
Combine Lawn treatments with a lawn maintenance program?
Automatically refresh mulch?
What are they asking me for?
What do they buy before or after they purchase for me? It doesn’t necessarily have to be related. You can sell it via a cross promotion.

If you don’t know the answers to these questions yet… don’t worry, your customers do.

So Email them, or better yet, get on the phone, call them and get their input…

Now, if you answer all these questions honestly and then actually implement changes in your business, you will not only drastically decrease client churn, but you will also drastically increase your profits in new ways you hadn’t considered previously.

Now get to it!

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

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