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What Would Happen to Your Lawn Care Business IF…

As you may have noticed we’ve had a lot going on over the past 4 months.
We did a two day business growth and marketing conference in Dallas in partnership with Service Autopilot, that sold out in less than a week
launched Academy our coaching and training group in partnership with Lawn Care Millionaire which now has 90+ handpicked members all working together to transform their businesses and their lives.


During all this, Lawn Care Marketing Expert has continued our explosive growth as the leader in marketing lawn care and landscaping companies.
And during all this ive continued to pursure My favorite hobby… crossfit.
I love it. I’ve been a jogger since 13.. Average about 20-25 miles a week. But immediately gave that up when I discovered crossfit.
Most of you have heard of crossfit, it is essentially a pretty hardcore group training. And I dedicated myself to it, very aggressively, as I tend to do, going without fail 5 times a week.
Well unfortuantely, Immediately after the conference in November, at crossfit I blew out my back.
Herniated two disks training…
Basically the padding between two vertabrae was being pinched which caused the most excrusiating muscle spasms and nerve pain all the way down to my toes.
Most painful thing ever.
So For the past three months, I wasn’t able to sit down without extreme pain.
Wasn’t Able to fly, swim, do much of anything except stand in one place or lay on my back.
Even then I needed painkillers.
I couldn’t sit down without extreme pain, cant think straight with painkillers, cant even stand up at my standing desk for more than 15 minutes without discomfort?
So It got me thinking, if this happened to me 10 years ago, I would have gone out of business.
Why? Because tens years ago, I didn’t delegate everything I needed to. I didn’t have a supporting team. I was trying to do everything myself.
Now think about that, What would happen to your business?
Would Clients get invoiced?
Would employees get paid?
Would sales and marketing still happen?
Leads be generated?
Would work get done? Does your team have a set process they go through every day? Do they have guidelines and know what to do and how to adapt if it rains or they damage a property.
What if a client complains? Would the complaint get ignored without you?
The key to building a scaleable business is build processes in your business that your staff is trained on. That happen correctly without your oversight. AND having the right team members in place to support your vision.
If your business stops generating revenue when you arent involved – then you don’t yet have a scalable business.
You must start Focusing on putting the systems in place to eliminate you being the bottle neck. Don’t wait until you hit the bottle neck. Do it before.
Besides hiring the right people, this is one of the biggest challenges members of our academy coaching program face and we have been helping them through it over the past few months.
So I want you to start thinking about this this week.
Grab a sheet of paper Create a two column list
In the left hand column – write down all of the things you do that would not happen if you were out of commission and unable to work for three months
Now in the right hand column write down the solution that will prevent this problem from ever happening.
Many of these solutions are going to be systems, processes and training you need to start creating and implementing in your business today.
You will always want at least one other staff member trained on all critical processes at all times.
And the end goal is ultimately delegating all of the tasks you don’t like to do or are good at to an operations manager or staff member that is properly trained to carry it out.

Once you have your list, eliminate any unnecessary tasks you are doing and Create standard operating procedures around the most critical such as billing, customer service and sales

document them, record training videos and delegate.

The quicker you systemize your business and the quicker that you implement systems for everything you do. The faster you will be able to scale and employees will simply become manpower to fill the areas of need.

This will ensure the business doesn’t fall down when you do…

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

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