Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

We love Google AdWords, but if used badly it’s really easy to throw money away.

Are you using the right ingredients in your marketing mix recipe? If pay per click (PPC) or paid search is not a major focus of that mix or if your current solution isn’t squeezing every dollar of value from paid search then the answer very well may be “No”. As growth in the pay per click marketplace is expected to reach $15 billion in 2010, what does that mean for you today? What’s your plan for the future of paid search? Will you be positioned to take full advantage of the boom to increase revenues and grow your business? Request a free consultation with one of our account analysts today to find out!

At Lawn Care Marketing Expert we have solutions to the challenges you face now and well into the future. With a team of seasoned search marketers we take the guesswork out of paid search with proven methodology, and exciting cutting-edge technology. We utilize multiple platforms such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, and Facebook to leverage their benefits for our clients.

Partnering with Lawn Care Marketing Expert puts companies in a unique position to achieve results today while having campaigns developed for tomorrow. Our clients are confident in the knowledge they are solidly entrenched in Lawn Care Marketing Expert’s bedrock paid search methodology.

Google Partners is Google’s program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants who manage Google Ads accounts. The badge shows that employees at our company have demonstrated Google Ads skill and expertise by passing assessments and earning certifications through Academy for Ads. The badge also shows that our company has met Google Ads spend requirements, delivered company and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown our client base.