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New Survey Reports SEO is the Best Marketing Strategy

2,500 US small businesses were surveyed by lead generation company MerchantCircle/Reply.com, and found that search engine optimization is the marketing channel they would choose if they could choose only one.

The survey asked small business owners “If you had to put all of your marketing time and budget into only one channel, what would it be?” The list of choices included SEO, paid search, mobile, social and traditional media. As you can see below SEO beats everything else by a mile.

New Survey Reports SEO is the Best Marketing Strategy

What’s also interesting is how high “traditional media” ranked. That category would include newspapers, yellow pages, direct mail, traditional radio and so on. Newspapers and direct mail were the top traditional channels being used by this group of survey respondents.

However Facebook (not Facebook Ads) was the most common marketing tool, used by 70 percent of these SMB respondents. The question was, “Are you promoting your business with the following websites/services?”

New Survey Reports SEO is the Best Marketing Strategy

The online survey was conducted in November. The sample came from MerchantCircle’s 1.6 million SMB member database. Just under 80 percent of respondents were businesses with fewer than four employees. The majority (63 percent) had annual marketing budgets of $2,500 or less.

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