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Meeting of the Minds in Chicago

Andrew of Lawn Care Marketing Expert and Jonathan of Service Autopilot & Lawn Care Millionaire speaking in Chicago during their visit for training by the AdWords Guru, Perry Marshall.

Andrew: Hi, it’s Andrew and Jonathan. We are here in Chicago. We’re very excited. We’ve been planning this for a long time. We spent two days with one of our long time mentors, Perry Marshall. He is a very well known internet marketing master. When I say he’s very well known and he’s an internet marketing master, it’s because he literally wrote the book on Google AdWords. Which is Google’s pay-per-click system. A lot of out clients both use it and we really came here. Well why don’t you tell them why we came here.

Jonathan: Well basically Perry is one of the best at direct response marketing, which is the only type of marketing we recommend. He is literally, as Andrew said, the top guy in the ppay-per-click marketing world. Google AdWords. And as you said, he’s written several books on it, even books on Facebook. He charges $1,300 an hour. We’re here for two days of private consulting to make sure we’re on top of our game. To make sure we’re on top of all of the latest skills in marketing and online marketing, and pay-per-click. So we spend the money, significant amounts of money, to make sure we’re connected to the right people. That we’re on top of what’s going on in the marketplace, and then we bring all of that back to you.

Andrew: Exactly right. Perry is one of the few guys that we’re going to be meeting with. We do several of what we call mastermind coaching events. There’s several very, very important Internet marketers who’ve been in this business for a very long time, have special techniques that they’ve developed. They know how to play the game. They know how to get visible. They know how to get clients online. They know how to totally maximize the Internet, but not just the Internet, not just online marketing, but offline stuff as well. So the reason that we do so many of these every year, is because we really always want to be continuing our education, and be implementing the most effective techniques for our clients.

Jonathan: Right.

Andrew: So we spend the big bucks to come meet with these guys. We get hardcore training from them.

Jonathan: Yep.

Andrew: Then we implement it in our client’s own programs. I know I’m doing it for mine.

Jonathan: I do it too.

Andrew: You’re doing it for yours, as well.

Jonathan: Yeah, I mean, the deal is we know a ton. We’ve been studying. I’ve been spending incredible amounts money for a long time to get my education, but you can’t just stop. It’s a never ending thing. If you want to dominate a market, if you want to be on top of your game, if you want to be better than everybody else and beat out your competition, and you want to build an incredible company that gives you an incredible lifestyle, you have to live this way. You have to spend the money. This is the cheapest money you’ll really ever spend, because for every dollar I spend education and getting smarter, and being on top of everything, the more money I make. And same would be true for you. So that’s why we’re here and we spend a lot of money to learn this stuff, and then we pass it on.

Andrew: I think that’s exactly right. Our education is an investment. I don’t know the exact quote but a very good quote that I heard once is that the best marketers and the best entrepreneurs, are always students.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Andrew: That’s something that we try and live. I mean, we’re both very busy, but these are the sort of events that we really make time to participate in and stay on top of. So we can bring the goods to our clients. Just wanted to give you a quick update, we’re going to be back. You’re going to back in Dallas soon.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Andrew: I’m going to be back in Miami soon. We’ve got a whole lot of new stuff coming up.

Jonathan: Yep.

Andrew: We can’t announce it right yet, but we’ve got some big things coming up this year, that we’re very excited about. We’re working on together. We will update you guys soon so watch our respective blogs.

Jonathan: See you soon.

Andrew: Bye.

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