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Eliminating the Risk of Hiring Your Lawn Care Company

As a lawn care entrepreneur whether you like it you not… you are automatically a marketer.

And part of marketing is the continual evolution of not just your marketing message but also how you set yourself apart from every other Joe, Bob and Billy.

Eliminating the risk for a new customer to do business with you is one of those key areas you can innovate.

Find out how one of America’s most loved companies innovated in their business and marketing… AND how you can do it in your own…


Yes! You asked for it, and here it is!

You know I couldn’t do a sock video without doing ones about…


as an entrepreneur whether you like it you not… you are automatically a marketer. It is an absolutely critical part of your business… fueling your growth directly.

And the key… to being really successful marketer is keeping our eyes open to what other companies are doing in other industries outside of our own and see how we can apply their good ideas to our businesses.

Zappos is one of those companies… and with a CEO that many people look up to.

Tony shay has taken the company to over a billion in sales each year.

And the big reason for that is they innovated in their market… they weren’t the only place to buy shoes online…

But they did… remove the number one barrier to selling shoes online…

And that was the fear that you would order shoes pay to ship them to you
they arrive at your house
they wouldn’t fit or you didn’t like how they look
and then you have to pay again to ship them back and lose all of that money.
The risk was all on the consumer…

Tony realized this and implemented free shipping and returns for 365 days.

What happened? Business boomed.
People started buying a larger quantity of shoes at once than ever before
And the started buying More frequently than ever before.

I buy 99.9% of my shoes on zappos.

In fact, I Spend multiple times more now on shoes then I ever would have if I had still had to go to the shoe store to try them on.

I have sneakers I have my flippy floppies, I have snowboard boots, motorcycle boots, I even have skate shoes. I don’t even have a skate board!

Men, I have enough shoes to make all of your wives your girlfriends jealous.
Ladies, if you where size 10s you can borrow some.

Honestly, It’s ridiculous

And its All because they eliminated the risk for me to buy shoes online .

Now I barely ever ever buy shoes off-line, in fact if they’re not on Zappos I probably won’t buy them.

Now zappos wasn’t the first ecommerce store to do this, but they were the biggest to implement it and they’re responsible for popularizing it.

Now it has become standard practice with many of the biggest e-commerce shops.

I won’t buy most things online unless there’s free shipping and returns.

That is a big deal.

So how can you innovate in your market? How can you apply this?

What are all the biggest barriers to someone doing business with you?

make a list of how you can remove these barriers to a purchase?

Maybe that’s a guarantee, maybe that’s a limited time bonus or a special offer.

It Could be any number of things.

But it all starts with knowing why your clients don’t buy. Once you know that you can eliminate all the obstacles.

And I challenge you to do that your business.

So the question remains, How many shoes does one man need?
Well I am still working on an answer to that very question.
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And as soon as I know, you will know.

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

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