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Dealing With Negative Reviews of Your Lawn Care Business on Google & Yelp

Now matter how great your customer service… now matter how amazing your lawn care or landscaping skills… You will get negative reviews. Deal with it!

Yes, sometimes it may be one or two no-class competitors… but by far the majority will come from real clients…

So how do you deal with negative reviews while maintaining a positive and professional image online?

Watch the video to find out…

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Its going to happen no matter what you do…
• First thing to do is to ask yourself – is the Complaint Legitimate? We all make mistakes.
o No business in the history of the world has not screwed up.
o Be honest with yourself.
o Do you have legitimate service problems.
o Is there a weak area in your business?
o Does an internal process need to be put in place to avoid this in the future?
o this is the first question to ask yourself – NOT how do I get this negative review removed
o If your reviews are consistently and overwhelmingly negative you have a service problem.
o You have to Fix your quality of service, employee issues and any other problems or the internet will magnify your poor service and can undermine your online marketing efforts.
• The second thing to do is… acknowledge and address it professionally. NEVER argue… always assume the review is from a real client and it really happened…
○ Assume they are a real client and you have a made a real mistake, then Solve their problem.
○ That means if you can identify them… immediately pick up the phone, contact the reviewer and fix the problem. Don’t be a coward about it… talk to your customers and solve it.
○ Don’t argue, always take the high ground. You must remain professional no matter what… that means don’t call or reply when you are angry… ever…

○ Now If you can’t identify them from the review, reply to the review, state that you don’t know recognize their review name and to please call you immediately at XXX-xxx-xxxx and you will personally address the problem … sign your name and identify yourself as the owner.
○ Now what will happen is, Other people reading the negative reviews will see how you respond and your response can nutrallize the review…
○ If you have a guarantee.. I would even remind them the your have a guarantee in your repsonse…
○ Prospects will see your handling of the situation and will discount that reviewer… IF you handle professionally…
○ Now Let me reiterate, At all times, we respond politely, without accusation and address the problem.

○ Once you have corrected the problem to their satisfaction you can then ask them to update or review their review.

• Now lets talk about Competitors real quick…
o if you are the market leader, I guarantee some loser …. in your market will leave you a negative review because he is too stupid to run a competitive business and so he has to resort to soiling your name.
o In fact if you are one those guys that leaves fake negative reviews on your competitors pages, click the unsubscribe button in my emails and don’t ever visit my website – because I don’t want to have anything to do with you.
o Companies compete by delivering great service and value to their clients, not by talking shit about each other.
o If you suspect reviews are fake, research the reviewer and report your evidence to the site.

No matter what you do in business you will have critics, especially if you are the leader.

The #1 way to respond to negative reviews is to have an overwhelming number of positive reviews.

Think about it 1 or 2 1 star reviews is not going to have much of an impact on a business with 23 5 star ratings.

And that is why I have created a simply step by step strategy previously only available to select clients…

If you want the quickest way to generate tons of real 5 star reviews on any review site you choose… Simply following the step by step instructions and send my prewritten emails that will result in the highest number of reviews you can get with the smallest investment of your time and money.

It doesn’t get any easier… or more effective that the system I created and tested over the past twelve months…

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Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

2 comments on “Dealing With Negative Reviews of Your Lawn Care Business on Google & Yelp
  1. Bryan says:

    These are great tips. You are 100% right about the internet amplifying any customer service problems. One thing to keep in mind is every business get a few bad reviews every now in then. Like you said you just don’t want to many of them or you really have a service problem (not good).

    Great video.


  2. Mike says:

    Really like your video haven’t had any bad reviews but it really is nice to know how to handle it if I do get a bad review thank you for the good advice

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