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How to Get Customers for Lawn Mowing – Use Reviews & Testimonials

This is an opportunity for your business, that only requires a little bit of effort on your part.

Implement a system in your business that culls positive reviews and testimonials from your customers
use them online, use them in your marketing, use them on your website.


So I live in Miami and certain areas have a big flash flooding problem. It has claimed the lives of two brand new cars. Both flooded and both totaled. So after the second one, I said forget it. I hate cars anyway, I hate driving, I hate maintaining them. It’s a pain in the butt. Ill just take taxis or ride a bike and maybe get a motorcycle.

So that’s what I did. I found a nice “safe” motorcycle on ebay and bought it for a fair price.

problem was the motorcycle was in New York City and I am in Miami. So I had to get shipped from New York City all the way down to Miami. So what did I do?

I did what all of us would have done, including my non tech savy parents, I went online and found a site that listed companies that could do the shipping and found a list of about 20 companies all charging the same price more less.
And each company had about five reviews on average most of them positive but one guy stood out above all the rest.
he had 230 5 star reviews.
Who do you think I clicked on first?
The guy with 230 5 star reviews.
Now who do you think out of this list of 20, I clicked on first?
I clicked on him.
Im willing to wager, Your action would have been no different.
Your prospects are no different.
And Of course, I hired him.
And get this, he was over 100 bucks more than anybody else on the list
but I knew without a doubt I would get good service because he proved it
Even though I never spoke to a single reviewer, or even know them,
the overwhelming social proof was enough to make click on his business and ultimately get me to pay more.

This is your opportunity, you can do this today. And there is no excuse for not doing it beyond not putting in the little effort it takes to creating your own system.

I can go from major city to major city looking at Google and Yelp lawn care listings and most lawn care businesses have 0 reviews. The rest less than 5 reviews. but Most have 0.
This is an opportunity for your business, that only requires a little bit of effort on your part.

How to Get Customers for Lawn Mowing

implement a system in your business that culls positive reviews and testimonials from your customers
use them online, use them in your marketing, use them on your website.

I know I am not unique here. Every single person listening to this webinar right now has made a buying decision based on reviews they’ve read online. Reviews from people theyve never met.

Yet I see very few lawn care businesses putting any effort or creating a system to generate reviews and testimonials from their satisfied customers.

This is one of the simplest things you can do to differentiate your business online today.
It will instantly make your Google + Local Business listing more effective.
And it will drive more news prospect to your website today.

All you have to do is ask for them and it make it as simple as possible for your customers to do so.

In fact, do you know what incredible time consuming painful process the guy who delivered my bike went through to strong arm me into leaving him a review?
He called me twice along the way to let me know his progress. He delivered the bike with no damage.
He Smiled when he arrived, asked me if everything looked okay on the bike. Looked me in the eye, shook my hand.
And said, I really appreciate your business Andrew.
Then He pulled out a simple business card, with the url of the exact page I needed to visit to leave him a review.
Then he says to me “This is how I make my living and it would really help me out if you would leave a simple honest review about how I did right here on this site.”

Guess what? I am review # 231.

This isn’t rocket science.

In fact reviews, are such an effective boost to generating more leads online that we give each of our clients of step by step guide on exactly how to go about this
The best way to do it and how to use testimonials the most effectively on your website.
Its that important.
And its also an easy easy win.

So lets talk testimonials real quick, If all your doing on your website is listing a couple sentences of text quotes from your customers, you would be better off turning that page into a guarantee.

Plain text quotes printed on your own website are not believable in a prospects mind. They seem made up.

So to make them effective, the must be specific and authentic.

The more specific and detailed the testimonial is the more affective it will be. That means, use photos, use audio, use videos.

If you can hear the passion in my voice, when I talk about something as simple as reviews, its because our industry, our green industry is still in the dark ages when in comes to marketing.
Your average lawn care company puts very little effort into their marketing strategy and invest even less in their marketing budget. Then they act surprised when their business isn’t growing.

Companies are trying to spend as little as possible on marketing,
when instead they should be treating their marketing program like a vending machine, a vending machine that spits out cash everytime you put money in.

And that is exactly what implementing the right marketing program will do. Everytime, you get a return on your investment and your business grows.
If you don’t invest in your business, if you don’t invest in your marketing you don’t grow.
It is quite literally the fuel that gets you to your business to its destination. Which for my clients, means living very well or selling their business for a fantastic profit.

All of you have huge opportunities both online and offline to absolutely crush it your markets. But You just have to do a little more.

At my agency we typically work with larger companies. But I make exceptions from time to time for the younger guys. The companies just coming up. Because I see the potential.

And I do that, because they get it. They arent set in their ways. They aren’t content copying their competitors and doing the same things that have always been done in our industry.

They were born and raised on the internet. They know there is huge opportunity there, but they also know that offline marketing still works too. Their hungry. They are willing to do want their competitors aren’t. and I love that. Because That’s exactly how I am.

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

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