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Quick Tip to Nurture Lawn Care Client Relationships

I want to share a really quick tip with you about how to nurture client relationships and I’m going to share this with you but you have to keep it a secret because if you don’t,  you’re going to get me in trouble.

Let me show you something that I do and this is how I nurture one of my most important relationships.  Take a look at this.


This here is a Google Calendar and here within Google Calendar, I have a special calendar set up over here.  This calendar here is dedicated to my wife, Helen, so this is her calendar. 

Something that I do to be a better husband is … I get really caught up in my business.  I get really caught up in growing the business and sometimes I forget to do things.  Sometimes I forget to give her attention that she deserves as an awesome woman.

What I’ve done is I’ve created a special calendar for her here within Google that remind me to do different things throughout the week and some of them are seemingly minor but they’re actually very important.  For instance, this one here says to send Helen a text message about something special.  How is your day going?  How’s your day?

This one here, and these are recurring events within Google, this one’s here reminding me to take her to lunch.  This one down here is reminding me to send her another text message in the middle of the day, to ask her how she is doing at her job.  She has a career of her own.

This one here is reminding me to buy her a gift, buy her something special, maybe it’s flowers, maybe it’s a note card, maybe it’s some chocolates, maybe it’s something.  I do that once a month.  This one up here is just a reminder to send Helen a special note, leave her a note on the bed.  Let her know that she’s important.  She doesn’t know that I do this but it’s a very important part of having a positive relationship.

The reason I bring this up is because this is how we need to treat our clients as well.  Our client relationship is very much like a marriage.  If we don’t nurture it or if we don’t give them the attention they deserve, that relationship will sour very quickly.  The saying goes, “A happy wife is a happy life” and it’s very true.

I really recommend that you systematize the nurturing of your client relationships. It means put a process in place.  If you have a staff, make it their duty to call your clients once a month and check in.  Maybe it means sending them a personal, handwritten note card.  Maybe it means sending them a gift occasionally for no reason in particular other than that they are clients and that you appreciate them.  We need to look at our nurturing of our client relationships this way.  We need to create a process out of it.  We need to make sure it gets on the calendar so it gets done.

Our clients are important.  Our spouses, our partners, they’re important.  We need to make sure that this stuff happens and when it happens, we have much more positive relationships and we have happier businesses and happy lives.

Lawn care client relationships are really like a marriage. And a happy wife means a happy life.
Systematize the building of your client relationships. Maybe that is a phone call, note or thank you gift. Put it on the calendar and make someone responsible to get it done. We are all busy… but we cant let these important things get forgotten.

So, that’s my quick tip today  and again, this is our secret.  Don’t share this with anyone because she’ll probably be really upset that I put this on a calendar to remind me to send her text messages.

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

2 comments on “Quick Tip to Nurture Lawn Care Client Relationships
  1. Brandi says:

    OMG…Andrew, is there anything you DON’T think of and do well??? Tom used to write me poetry and leave me love notes all the time – you know – BB (Before the Business). Lol…I am so sending him this video 3 or 4 times! He DID take a cue from you recently and sent me berries again…lol….chocolate and strawberries fix almost anything! Add marital bliss facilitator to your never ending list of innate talents/ ingenious hacks. Now I feel the need to call a couple clients.

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