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Why is Online Marketing So Effective For Lawn Care Businesses?

Online Marketing Should be a Part of Your Dedicated Marketing Budget…

Online marketing is hands down, more effective than direct mail, door hangers and other offline print techniques. Why is that? Watch this video to find out…

I wanted to just talk to you today briefly about on line marketing, why we do it, why it’s better than off line marketing. I’m not saying we shouldn’t do off line marketing. I’m certainly a big proponent of it. Why is it more effective for getting new customers than the off line marketing that you’re doing?

Let’s think about that. I really describe it as the difference between having marketing to active leads and passive leads. Let’s think about what happens when we do a direct mail campaign. We send out 5000 flyers to our community wherever we’re marketing. We don’t know anything about them beyond the fact that they have an address and a name, and they live in a certain area. We have no idea if they already have a company maintaining their property, if they’re looking for somebody in the near future, if they do it themselves, if they’ll ever even want to use your services. We don’t know anything. We’re just throwing mailers at them and hoping something sticks.

What’s so great about on line marketing is that somebody has to initiate it. The consumer has to initiate it. They have to do a search for your service offering. If they’re doing a search for your service offering, what does that mean? That means they are ready to buy your service now or they’re doing research to buy it in the near future.

On line marketing captures consumers at this critical point in the sales process. They have the need. They have the desire. They’re actively looking for somebody now versus off line marketing. We have no idea. What’s so great about on line marketing through search engine optimization, local search sites, and pay per click is that we can be present in the now, right when they’re searching for us, right when they need us. We can be right in front of them whereas if you’re doing a direct mail piece or a door hanger, chances are they’re not going to hang on to your advertisement for two, three months and then finally they realize they need somebody, and they pull it out of their kitchen drawer or they take if off their refrigerator. They’re not hanging on to your flyers. If they don’t need you right that second when you’ve mailed them, when it arrives at their door, when it arrives in their hand, you’re typically going to go in the trash. You can tell if you’ve ever done any direct mail, any door hangers, you know your response rate is really low, and this is exactly why it happens. They don’t have the need for you right then.

With on line marketing, because they’ve initiated the search, we can position ourselves in front of them at that exact moment when they have that desire, when they have that need. That’s where you want to be when they’re ready to buy. That makes selling much, much easier.

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

One comment on “Why is Online Marketing So Effective For Lawn Care Businesses?
  1. Hi Andrew, spot on. Exactly what I am coaching local business owners in. Spend you advertising dollar with the person most likely to buy from you.
    Good video, Thank you, Andreas

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