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Why is SEO So Important For Lawn Care Companies?

Well SEO increases the ranking of your website for the keywords potential customers use to find service providers like you. the higher you rank for important keywords the more business you can get from your website.

Nearly all consumers 97% now use online media when researching products or services in their local area, according to BIA/Kelsey.

The majority of those start with a search on Google.


Think about your own life. If you are planning on buying an LCD TV what do you do?

Do you go check your door everyday to see if Samsung left you a doorhanger? No, you go to Amazon and search for a TV and read the reviews.

What if your water heater blows up and floods your house and you need a plumber right now.

Did you save a direct mail piece from a plumber from 6 months ago? No.

You are getting  on your smartphone or computer, going online and finding someone in your area to fill the need you have right now.

Think about what that means…

if someone has a need for your services and they are ready to buy now or in the very near future. Doing a search on google is the equivalent to them standing up and waving their arms and saying “hey over here… I need someone to help me now.”

EDDM, Doorhangers even an optimized direct mail campaign with a targeted list and message CANNOT compete, why? Because we have no idea if they have a need now or ever. And If they don’t have a need at the exact moment that postcard gets in their hand, it is going straight from the mailbox to the trash.

But if the consumer is searching for your services, we know they have a need and we can capture them at this perfect moment when they are ready to buy.

That’s huge!

Its like being a vendor selling water at a marathon. Would you rather setup shop at the starting line or the finish line?

SEO is all about putting your business in front of them, at this perfect time.

So, if you are not ranking at the top for all of your keywords (and there are hundreds) you are giving your business, your customers, and your profits away to your competitors who are. It is as simple as that.

Another important fact, is that the quality of leads you are going to get through your own website are going to be of a higher quality. Leads generated from search engine optimization programs have a higher close rate than print or direct mail or pay-per-click advertising or even those lousy sites where you pay and compete for crappy leads consisting of price shoppers  or consumers looking one time service. We want recurring customers.


86% of web searchers trust organic search engine listings more than Paid Advertisements. you get a better more educated consumer.

SEO done correctly will also bring you a larger quantity of leads than any other online strategy from PPC, to social to local search sites.

So, unless you have some sort of crazy notion that Google is going away or is still somehow unimportant. SEO must be a part of your monthly marketing budget. Plan on it. Budget for it. Whatever you do, do not stick your head in the sand. Google is not going away.

Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the largest online marketing agency in North America specializing in marketing strategies for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

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