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Are Online Banner Advertisements a Good Way to Market Your Lawn Care Business?

Live from Sydney Australia!

Today, the question comes from Nicholas who asks, “Are online banner advertisements a good way to market my services for my business?” This is a great question. Nicholas, thank you for asking it.

And the answer is YES! BUT…

Watch the video to find out more…


Hi guys, Andrew here. You guessed it. Today, I am in beautiful Sidney, Australia, beautiful warm sunny day today and I can’t think of a better place to answer this question for all of you out there. Today, the question comes from Nicholas who asks, “Are online banner advertisements a good way to market my services for my business?” This is a great question. Nicholas, thank you for asking it. If we were face to face, I would follow it up with an additional question and that would be to find out exactly what you mean by the terminology “online banner advertisements” because as a marketer and at my agency, that terminology covers a broad spectrum of advertisements. I am going to answer your question from the most common perspective and that would be to assume that you’re talking about the Google Display Network, Google image ads. That’s where you can … you can go to Google. Most of you think of it as AdWords and you can upload your own images that advertise your business.

I am going to answer the question from that perspective. The answer is yes. It is a great way to market your business but it’s not the first place to start. Let me tell you why. The main reason is you’re going to get more bang for your buck advertising your business using a different type of ad, using Google text ads. That’s still going to give you the largest return on your marketing investment in comparison to what you would be spending to use image ads. You’ve probably seen me using image ads. My company, we’re all over the internet. I have a very large advertising budget using image ads but I only did that after I really started to maximize my budget and be very smart about the other areas that I was spending marketing money.

When I started using paid ads to market my business, I started with Google text ads then I moved into Bing and then I moved into LinkedIn and then I moved into Facebook. I moved into all these channels and then after I started to really maximize those campaigns and get the most value for my money, it was only then that I moved into using image ads and the reason that is you want to spend as little as possible to acquire new valuable customers and text ads are still the best way to do that.

There is another reason why we want to start with text ads as well. That’s because text ads show up within Google search results and they show up on specific key phrases related to our service offerings whereas image ads, they are going to show up based on the page content that the ad is displayed on. Let’s say whatever service that you’re marketing, let’s say you want to use an image ad, it’s going to display your image ad on websites that have the key phrases that you’ve selected and that is not the best way to market.

I really give the example as image ads are more like direct mail because you don’t know if the person you’re displaying your ad to has a desire or a need for your services whereas if they’re searching in Google for it using very specific key phrases, we know that they are looking specifically for your services whereas if they are viewing a webpage and it contains keywords that are related to your business and services, we still don’t know if they actually have a need for those services because they haven’t performed the search. That’s why I always recommend that you start out with text ads on Google first, maximize that budget. As your budget grows, you’re reinvesting in your marketing and you want to reinvest in the smartest areas that you can.

Image ads, those are further down the road for most of you that are watching this video and depending on your budget but you want to do one thing at a time. Get your text ad campaign performing at a very high level and then you can start to play around and move into these other areas. Nicholas, that was a great question. I hope I answered it for you. Thank you for sending it in. Everybody, please continue to send your questions. I love answering them for you. I answer a new one every week and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast. Andrew over and out from beautiful Sidney, Australia. Have a great day. Good luck to you. Thanks. Good day.

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