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What is the Average Cost Per Lead on PPC For Pest Control & Lawn Care Companies?

Hi, guys, Andrew here. Today, I have a great question from Jason. Jason asks, “In your experience, what is the average cost peer lead using pay-per-click advertising?” This is a great question; this is a common question that I get, but not just for pay-per-click advertising, but also for search engine optimization, for direct mail, for door hangers, all of these different marketing strategies that we can employ to sell your services and market your business, so really good question. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple answer. It’s not $5 per lead and it’s not $500 per lead. It’s going to vary drastically, depending on a number of different factors.

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Are Online Banner Advertisements a Good Way to Market Your Lawn Care Business?

Are Online Banner Advertisements a Good Way to Market Your Lawn Care Business?

Live from Sydney Australia!

Today, the question comes from Nicholas who asks, “Are online banner advertisements a good way to market my services for my business?” This is a great question. Nicholas, thank you for asking it.

And the answer is YES! BUT…

Watch the video to find out more…
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Does Your Lawn Care Marketing Focus on the HOT NEW Thing or the RIGHT Thing?

Does Your Marketing Focus on the HOT NEW Thing or the RIGHT Thing? - PLANET News Magazine

Being a marketer since 1995 (shhh… don’t tell anyone) gives you an unique perspective on the evolution of modern marketing. It was during these 17 years that one of the most transforming technologies of our lifetime found mainstream acceptance and began to revolutionize every aspect of our lives. No its not the new iPhone or the Slanket®…

I speak of the Internet.
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What is the Most Effective Marketing for Attracting New Customers?

This week Chris asks, “What is more effective for attracting customers, postcard mailers and door hangers, or email marketing and websites?”

This is a great question, and it’s one that I get quite often when I do my strategy sessions with new clients. Lets break your question up into a couple of bits, because it’s actually a question that I would follow up with a couple more in-depth questions.

I really need you to tell me what your market is, not necessarily the city, but what your main services are. If it’s a lawn care, the strategy is going to be a bit different than if you’re a landscape design build. I’m going to answer that from the perspective that the person asking the question is a residential lawn care company. I’m going to assume residential lawn care.
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How Can I Grow A Lawn Care Business Without Any Money?

Marketing is the fuel for lawn care business growth. If you don’t have any money to put in your business fuel tank your going to have to get out and push it for a while.

And that’s okay. We all start somewhere. Not every new lawn care business starts out with startup capital.

But there are Do-It-Yourself marketing methods you can employ when you have NO MONEY to invest in marketing…

Watch the video to find out more…
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Using Facebook as your Lawn Care Website

We see a lot of lawn care businesses just getting started that are using Facebook as their company website. Some even go so far as to publish the Facebook URL on their trucks and flyers.

Is this a good idea?

What should you be doing?

Watch the video to find out…

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The Lawn Care Millionaire Takeover!!!

In this special episode of the Lawn Care Millionaire Video Blog Lawn Care Marketing Expert drops in for an unexpected visit. In this episode they discuss exactly what you should be doing at this point in the season and why it is always a bad idea to let Google “help” you setup your PPC Advertising.


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5 Ways to Make Your Lawn Care Marketing More Effective

Lawn care business owners across the globe pay us their hard earned money to make their phone ring every single month…

But a successful marketing strategy is more than just having a ringing phone…

Find out what YOU can do to make your marketing program even more effective!
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How to Determine a Marketing Budget for a Lawn Care Business

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is, “How do I determine a marketing budget? What should my marketing budget be for online marketing?”

First of all, right off the bat, never ask a marketer that. Don’t ask a marketer that, because if you ask the wrong one, chances are they’re going to take you to the cleaners. Secondly, marketing budget is not up to them – it’s up to you. Only you know your business; only you know your objectives; and only you know your financials.
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Online Marketing for Lawn Care Companies – Where to Start & How to Scale…

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